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Happy Monday Mama’s!

It’s the big day for us today. When this goes live Mills will be at school and I will, no doubt, be a blubbering wreck. As the day has crept closer I’ve been getting very emotional. Ironing his uniform and labelling everything sent me over the edge today. He needs it. I need it. But oh boy am I going to miss my little toad.

Today will be all about Mama to take my mind off it. I’m heading for brunch and shopping with my Mama. Pampering and baby prep being the focus of the day.

I was so excited to get Mummy Monday back on the blog last week and it was lovely hearing from other real Mama’s wanting to get involved and chatting about real life as a Mother. Thank you for getting in touch.

Now, onto this week’s Real Mama:

I’m super excited to welcome the gorgeous Ashley from aMothersEdit onto the blog today for a super stylish Mummy Monday. I recently discovered Ashely’s insta feed and can’t get enough of her fashion-inspo, Mama life and all the prettiness. Her love of leopard print and denim got me hook, line and sinker. Over to you Ashley…


Getting to know you

Name: Ashley

Where can we catch you on social: @amothersedit

Website: www.amothersedit.com 

Mama to: Vivienne Rose


What’s your wardrobe must have: Anything denim – jeans, cut offs, levis skirt.

Your perfect way to relax: With plenty of wine

Currently reading/watching/listening to: Just finished watching Stranger Things, it was fantastic, and now we are working our way through Fargo series 2. Next up is the new series of Narcos

Proudest moment of your life: Everytime I watch Vivienne befriending someone in the park, she is so loving and caring of other children it makes me beam with pride.

Words you live by: Let go of the things you cannot control.

Your must have product: Aussie three minute miracle – without it my bleached mop would be a disaster!


Being a Mama

What do you love most about being a Mummy: the way she looks at me for all the answers. The responsibility I have for this little lady is pretty daunting but so special.

What could you do without: Tantrums!

What 5 words best describe your birth story: ‘I try to forget it’ – that’s five words right?!

What should every Mama have in the birthing room: A supportive birthing partner.

What got you through the first weeks with a new baby: Friends and family helping me with the little things- my mum popped over and cleaned the bathroom, friends brought home cooked meals to put in the freezer for us… and they knew when to leave too! Very important!

Funny things Vivienne does: Vivienne is still learning to talk so there are a lot of words that come out completely wrong. But the Frozen song – Let it Go – she has that down to a tee and will sing it very loudly in her cot at 6.30am.


How do you keep Vivienne entertained: Simple things are always the best… currently it’s a tub of water in the garden and she likes playing with her cars and little people jumping in and out.

How did you decide on her name: I wanted something you don’t hear very often and spent hours online looking at various websites. As soon as I read Vivienne I knew it was perfect. So feminine and elegant.

Where do you shop for your kids: I love Zara and Gap. And all her nursery clothes are from H&M – their basic collection is fantastic for tshirts and leggings.

Best piece of advice you could give other Mamas: We go through every aspect of life making our own decisions and learning as we go… suddenly we fall pregnant and loose our confidence. Listen to people’s advice, read the books etc but at the end of the day you have to trust your own instinct and do what feels right for you.

– thank you so much for taking part Ashley. xx


project living room

It’s taken a good year, but we’re finally starting to make the house look like ours. When we moved in the house had been decorated for selling and not to our taste at all! The first thing we did was to rip down the wallpaper and paint the rooms that were looking a bit tatty with a neutral colour palette. The rest we’ve been gradually working on.
I’ve spent the last year pinning my heart out, coming up with ideas for each room. Gradually buying a few bits here and there. But with things starting to take shape, I thought I’d share with you my plans for the house and the latest purchases that I’m loving.


My current focus is the living room (or as Mother calls it, ‘the lounge’). We’ve (I say ‘we’ it wasn’t we at all, it was my husband and friend) painted the whole house in Dulux Timeless. I change my mind often, so the neutral colour allows us to accessorise in whatever colourways we’re feeling at the time. Our house is also very small, so it brightens it up and gives us lots of room to use our imagination.

White walls mean lots of options. Which I’m very excited about. But it also means it looks pretty bare at the moment. So I’m slowly building up a collection of decorations to fill the white space. It’s especially noticeable since we took the Christmas decs down. (Does Christmas feel like it didn’t happen to anyone else?)

The base colours for the room are black, grey and white tones. I’m adding colour with accessories in pastels, gold, bronze and copper.


Along the back wall we have a shelf which I’ve filled with a couple of prints, some plants and candles. Last year I bought a gorgeous print by Jordan Andrew Carter – visit his shop ‘here‘ – which sits nicely on the shelf.

There was still a lot of white space to fill, so I ordered a mint and gold paper garland, from Funky Frills on Etsy, to fill it.

What you can see is 50ft of garland which we’ve draped across the back wall. I love it. It highlights the gorgeous pastel colours of Maurice Bear and adds a subtle bit of colour to the room which I can now use as inspiration for the rest of the room.

Despite the pretty pictures and the crisp white walls, the room felt like it was missing something. With this being the area you walk straight into and the wall that’s on show, the radiator just looked out of place, so we got a white radiator cover from ScrewFix. It was only £80 but it has made a huge difference to the look of the room. Tidied up that back wall and made a feature out of something that was just an eyesore before.


I love candles and have loads of scented ones on the shelves and tables around the house. The White Company are my current favourites. (I blame my friend Jess for this obsession – her house always smells amazing because of the candles and now I can’t stop buying them!) Their Winter scents have been filling our house over the Christmas period and I’ve got my eye on their new Lime and Bayfragrance, the Noir and Twenty One collections. I’m also coveting the Neom candles. Oh my shelves need some of those beauties. When the pennies aren’t flowing quite so freely, I’ve been opting for Ikea’s scented candles in a glass. They’re around 89p each and smell wonderful. They don’t last as long, but the glass holders are great for holding tea lights after.



Oh how I love a succulent. I’m building up quite a collection. But I keep killing them! I haven’t done too badly, but there’s a few that are looking slightly worse for ware. Still, they look great and I’m going to be looking for more to put around the house.

I’ve also bought some bakers twine to make a macrame holder for the corner of the back wall (it’ll go to the left of the garland above the chair). It’s an empty space at the moment and needs filling. I’m not very good at DIY though, so I’ll probably end up buying something instead. I want a nice big plant holder to go in it, with some sort of draping plant. Although I may opt for a fake variety, as my current track record isn’t going so well.


We have two new shelves in one of the alcoves by the back door. They need filling with prettiness, so I’m currently looking for things for this.


It’s looking quite sparse at the moment. So far, I’ve bought the gold pineapple which was £12 from Home Sense, we got the letters years ago (we need an M!), the gold star is from a lovely little shop in Pershore called Persora (it’s now in the sale for £6! Bummer for me, bonus for you!)  I’m going back to get some more things from here. I’ve got my eye on an LED light (and may have ordered a few bits in the sale too!) The black and gold candle holder was from Primark and the vase I’ve had for years. It’s all just sitting there waiting for new friends to get some styling going on. For now, I’ve been keeping my crystals on there because it’s in the sunlight for a lot of the day. Cleanse baby!


The previous owner, for some reason, blocked the fireplace and replaced it with an ugly grey board. We have the TV on the wall above it, so it’s not my favourite part of the room, but I’m making it better with the addition of my new light box. I couldn’t resist jumping on this band wagon.

It was £30 from This Modern Life we’re having fun leaving messages for each other.  And I’m already regretting not getting the extra letters at the same time. Doh!

The string lights were also from This Modern Life (love the shop, great products, good price and brilliant service – check it out), the star light was New Look and the Skull was Cox and Cox a few years back (I won it in a competition!).

I’ve never been one for ornaments. We’ve had other homes together, but we always knew they weren’t forever so we never really got into styling the rooms and as we bought our first house together 7 years ago our taste has changed and I’ve ditched most of the stuff we originally had. We won’t be in this house forever, but I know the style I want for us now so when I spot something I love, it comes home with me. I’m loving finding new stores. Here are a few of the other things I’ve bought lately.

My Mum got me this beautiful owl plant holder from an shop in Bath, I can’t remember the name of it, but it was a lovely shop. The bronze candle holder was a cheapy from Primark.


We were given this Ikea chair by some lovely friends. The room is really small, so we haven’t got space for an arm chair as well as the sofa, but this chair fits perfectly. My Coco De Mer ‘Peacock’ cushion loves its new home!

We’re using half of the ‘L shape’ sofa we’ve had since we lived in our first place together. We had this gorgeous open plan living/kitchen area, so we got a huge sofa to fill it. Great for the flat, not so great for this room. But, because we don’t know how long we’ll be here, we’re not buying anything new and this is just going to have to do. Same goes for the carpet. Ideally I’d like to get the whole downstairs fitted with wooden floor. But I don’t want to spend the money on something we won’t get to benefit.

We have a couple of bookcases too, filled with M’s books and colouring books, some candles, decs and more books. My husband and I have very different taste in reading material!


And that’s where I am right now. On the hunt for more loveliness to fill the shelves, which I’ll share with you as I buy it.

My next project is our bedroom. Which needs a lot of work and I’m finishing off M’s bedroom too. I’ll share his room with you next.

Where’s your favourite place for home decor? You can also follow my inspiration on my Pinterest board ‘here‘.


3 Ways i get ready for winter

There’s something about the start of Autumn that fires up the motivation in me. Now’s the time I want to get my routine on track, refresh my daily regime, update my make up bag and wardrobe, and get us all ready for the end of the year.

Here’s how I get us ready for Winter:

1. Declutter

I start with my September de-clutter. I do this at the start of each new season. I get rid of all the stuff I don’t want any more and replace it with new, ‘seasonally inspired’ clutter! Right now, it’s all about the Hygge.

Our wardrobes get a big overhaul. At the start of a new season, I’ll sort through our clothes; charity shop anything we’ve not worn, or no longer want and fold up and pack away all the wardrobe staples we wear year after year. Summer dresses, holiday clothes, majority of my bikinis and beach bags, all get packed away into a suitcase, with other seasonal items, ready for next year.

Our Autumn / Winter staples – coats, boots, jumpers, hats and scarves – then get a dusting off. (I usually do another clear out. I have another four bags ready for the charity shop.) And then I find homes for all the new items. With the weather not being able to make its mind up, our shoe cupboard is heaving. I’m not ready to put away the Birks, but I’ve needed my ankle boots this week, so there will be another sort out in a few weeks when we’re done with our sandals and shorts.

Then I give the rest of the house a once over and get rid of anything else we haven’t used in the last 12 months and usually send another box to the charity shop.

We’re getting the garden ready for Winter too. Packing away the Summer essentials so they don’t get ruined. Clearing out plant pots and getting everything ready so we can keep on top of the weeds over the Winter months.

The changing weather means we stay in a lot more, so my focus is massively on our home right now. It’s coming up to a year since we moved in and we’ve done a few basic tidy up jobs, and the garden got a good seeing to over the summer, but now it’s time to accessorise. I am so excited about this.

When we moved in we gave ourselves a blank canvas that we can add accessories to and change up as we wanted to. I’ve been planning each room and buying little bits, to add to the look over the last year, but now the Summer’s over, I’m upping my search.

I’ll be looking for new pictures to add a touch of colour. I got this ‘Jordan Carter‘ print. earlier in the year and I’m looking for something to accompany Maurice. (Willing JC to create a Tiger print to buddy him up with!)

I’m finally going to get around to making a macrame plant holder for the corner of my living room.

I’m all about the succulents right now, so I’ll be adding to my collection. I’m aiming for at least one in every room. I’m getting quite obsessed with finding new succulents and holders. (Finally I plant I can look after) (Because it needs no looking after!) (Let’s not talk about the one I over watered!)

I’m looking for bunting, garlands, pom-poms, lights and fun prints to cover the rest of the house. I’ve got loads of ideas and I’m spending a lot of time on Pinterest planning each room. You can check out my Pinterest account ‘here‘.

Two Style Haul

With my Summer wardrobe safely packed away, I’m setting my sights on Autumn/Winter fashion. The internet is abuzz with London fashion week and it’s giving me lots of inspiration for my own wardrobe.

My style has been a work in progress over the years. I’ve never really known what my style was and have often made silly purchases. This is the first year I feel like I really know what I want for my seasonal wardrobe and I’m looking forward to finding some key pieces that will take me straight through to Spring.

I’m looking at more ripped jeans and fitted t-shirts, ankle boots, trainers for running around after my little boy and a good pair of shoes to see me through more formal days. Chunky jumpers will of course play a very important part of my new wardrobe.

I chopped all my hair off last Autumn, and I’m finally finding my way with it so it’s going to be fun bringing it all together.

The change in weather means a change up in the colours I’m wearing too. I swop my bright pinks and coral nails for a more toned down shade of red round about now and I love it. It also means a change in products and make up. I love finding new products to get my skin through the cold months.

My skin has changed a lot in the last couple of years. There are definite signs of ageing popping up and the sleepless nights have really caught up with me, so it’s time to re look at the products I use to fight the lines and stock up on the make up for disguising it!

Three organise

I don’t really need a seasonal excuse to get my planner out. I love to sit down and organise our lives, so we know where we are each week, what needs to be done and plan in any jobs that need to be tackled. The Summer holidays seemed to knock our routine right out the window, so I am back on it in full force.

The next few months are typically really busy for us. There are a lot of birthdays, work for both myself and my husband seems to peak at this time of year and everything just seems to be happening at once. (Maybe the lazy Summer has something to do with it?) So it’s really important that I plan our weeks so I can fit everything in and keep on top of myself. As well as making sure I get some exercise in and down time too. (because I really need that!)

I try to keep about two weeks ahead of myself with work. You just never know what’s around the corner. So I try hard to stay ahead, in case something comes up that means I can’t do as much that week.

That means I need to be really organised. I plan the week ahead for all family stuff and make a note of things that need to be done that week. And then plan each day out to fit everything in. I try and do a meal plan every week and shop around that. Most of the time we stick to it and when we do it works really well. Some weeks all the planning gets too much and we end up winging it. It always ends up in a more expensive shop and some slightly unhealthier choices, but sometimes I just need to move away from a plan and relax.


Now I’ve got us all Autumn/Winter ready, I feel like I can relax a bit. I know, pretty much, what we’ve got to do in the next four months and I’m so looking forward to some cosy Sunday afternoons watching movies with my boys in our home.
How do you get ready for winter? Come chat to me on my Facebook page ‘Mission2Mum’ 

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