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Mummy Monday – Real Mama – Rachel Bee

Good morning!

Today is a big day for so many Mama’s, sending their babies off to big school for the first time. I’m feeling you! We start next Monday and the dread is kicking in. As much as I’m ready for a ‘break’ after the holidays, I’m going to miss having my boy home with me during the week. I hope you’ve got something nice planned to take your mind off it. I’ve got your Monday morning cuppa read sorted anyway…

With our houses returning to an eerie quiet, I thought I’d re-launch an original feature I started way back in 2012 for your mid-morning cuppa read. I love hearing from real Mums about their tips and advice, so I’ve brought back Mummy Monday – and today’s Real Mama is the ever so lovely Rachel from Rachel Bee Jewellery. A fab lady I’ve been ‘social’ with since M was a wee babe, who designs beautiful jewellery and seems to be up at the crack of dawn most mornings creating and making with her gorgeous boy. Who has clearly inherited his Mama’s creative genes. (check out her insta feed)

Over to you Rachel. xx

Rachel Bee pic

Name: Rachel

Where can we catch you on social media: Instagram Rachelbee76

Blog/website: Rachel Bee Jewellery on etsy ‘link ‘here

Business: Jeweller & valuer

Mama to: Max, who has just turned 5!

What’s your wardrobe must have: Stan Smiths and white tshirts

Your perfect way to relax: Gardening, bath with prosecco

Currently reading: Drew Barrymore wildflowers

Proudest moment of your life, so far: Recently just seeing what an amazing boy, I have produced!

Your must have product: Paula’s Choice skin perfecting 2% BHA exfoliant….amazing!!!!!

What do you love most about being a Mama: Being creative, having cuddles, chatting together and reliving your own childhood!

5 words to decribe your birth story: Quick, intense, nasty midwife & happy

What should every Mama have in the birthing room: gas & air

What got you through the first weeks with a new baby: Pure happiness (cheesey but true)

Funny things your kid says: ‘Are you bossing me out?’

Most embarrassing moment since becoming a Mama: Recently wetting myself, as we were in separate cubicles and as someone else came in, I pulled my jeans up to fast but my bladder carried on! Then proceeded to see the head of the PTA during my walk of shame!!!

How do you keep Max entertained: Crayons, sticker books & a balloon….bag must haves!

How did you decide on Max’s name: I’ve always liked Max, when we found it he was a boy it just felt right! His full name is Maximilian, spelt the french way. Even though the MIL tried to tell me I’d spelt it wrong on the day he was born!!!

Where do you shops for kids clothes: H&M, Zara, Cissy wears & Gap.

Best piece of advice: Everyday is a new day, so let it go! Happy mam = happy baby. Drive thru coffee & petrol are your friends!!!


Thank you so much Rachel. The toilet incident made me snort. Oh what we go through.

If you would like to be featured, I’d love to have you. Drop me an email at gemmaguscott1982 [at] gmail . com and I’ll send you the questions. xx

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