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Choosing a Private Scan – with BabyBond UltraSound Direct – keeping our first born included


When I was pregnant the first time I spent the first 12 weeks worrying constantly. I didn’t have any pregnancy symptoms, no bump to show and I couldn’t get my head around how I could be growing a healthy baby if I wasn’t suffering for it. The wait was too much for me, so I opted to have an early dating scan at 7 weeks at BabyBond. I could barely make out the little embryo’s heart beating, but it was all I needed to keep me going for a few more weeks before my 12 week scan.

At 11 weeks, I started to bleed. I was bleeding and I couldn’t get an emergency scan for another week. I couldn’t wait a week to know if something was wrong with my baby. So I booked another BabyBond scan. It was the first time I’d seen my baby kicking and wriggling around and the relief was just fantastic.

This time around I’ve felt so ill and had very early movement so I didn’t have the same worries as I did the first time around. However, I remembered from our scans at the hospital, how serious they can be and how clinical the environment is. I wanted Mills to be involved in every stage of the pregnancy, but I was worried about the environment of the NHS scan.

When we were pregnant with Mills the sonographer we had was very serious, didn’t give us much information and didn’t try to make the experience very special. I totally understand that they’re not there to make the parents feel good, they’re there to make sure that little fetus is developing as it should be. Great, I get it. However, when you have a 4 year old you want involved in the whole situation, you want them to feel at ease and excited about meeting their brother or sister for the first time.

So I got in touch with BabyBond again and booked us a scan so we could take Miller to meet the baby in a nice, calm and peaceful environment. When I told BabyBond about what I was doing, they very kindly gave me a free scan in return for my honest opinion of their services on here. So of course I snapped up their offer and we took Miller, and my parents, to see baby.

Our local BabyBond centre is at Barbourne Medical Centre in Worcester. On arrival we were greeted by Melissa, who talked us through the procedure, took some information and lead us into the scan room.

The room was cosy, warm and softly lit, with soothing music playing. She continued to talk us through what was going to happen and talked directly to Miller about what she was doing to Mummy’s tummy and what he was going to see on the screen.

Then came the jelly! Well, this has got to be worth paying privately for if nothing else. I clenched, waiting for the ice cold jelly to touch my tummy, but to my surprise it was warm! Warm gel on my tummy. Which felt rather lovely.

And then we got to see baby on the big screen in front of us. And Melissa talked us through what we were seeing, where the baby was laying, and what she was looking for. She gave us a sneak peak at a 4D view too. It was crazy seeing our little one like that. It had its hand up to its mouth and kept turning its back to us. It wouldn’t play ball, but after a quick toilet break, I came back and we got some wonderful photos of our little baby. It was a very special moment to share with Miller and the Grandparents. The first time my Dad has seen a scan IRL, so he was super chuffed he got to see it.

At the end we were presented with a series of photos in a little wallet, with all the size information and est DD, included. It’s a lovely keepsake and I’m so glad we have them for both Miller and this one.

Because we’d already had our 12 week scan by this point, and I’ve been feeling regular movement, we went into this scan completely relaxed and just excited to get to show Mills his little brother/sister. Which made it a lovely experience for us all to share together, without the clinical formalities getting in the way. And because it’s private, we got to share it with some of the family too, which isn’t possible at the hospital. On our letter for the 12 week scan we were asked not to bring any children and for only one other person to attend the visit with the Mother. Which, of course makes total sense for the environment and the information they have to get. You can’t have the whole family huddled in a small room getting in the way.

We loved the 4D scan so much, we’re thinking about going back at a later date to get it done properly. But we don’t want to know the sex, so we’ll need to make sure there’s no spoilers.

I would throughly recommend BabyBond UltraSound Direct for a private scan. Whether it’s because you’re a first time parent and just need the reassurance that you’ve given up the wine and runny eggs for a good reason, or you’ve got to wait until after 12 weeks for a scan. Or you’ve got older siblings that you want to share in the moment with. It’s a really lovely moment for you all to share. And the quality of the scan images is just fantastic. There’s no rushing you in and out so they make sure they get a good picture for you to take away.

We are keen to make sure that Mills is included in every stage of this pregnancy. I don’t want him left out at all. He’s 4 now and very aware of the effect Mummy being pregnant is having on us. He’s been amazing, but we have to keep explaining what’s happening so he’s aware of why there are changes and what it means for our family. He came along to the 16 week scan and heard the baby’s heartbeat and whenever we talk about the baby, we talk about it being our baby. Not Mummy’s or Daddy’s but all of ours. That we can all get excited about. Now I’ve got a bump and there’s lots of movement, it’s lovely to see him bonding with baby already.

Once we get closer to due date, I’ll get him to choose a coming home outfit for it and I’ll get him to help us set up it’s bed, and prepare its clothes etc. I’m sure we’ll have some issues to deal with, it’s not going to be easy for him to accept a new baby taking up so much of our time, the time he’s had all to himself for 4 and a half years, but we’re doing everything we can to make sure he’s involved where he can be and he’s not left out.

If you’re interested in a private scan with BabyBond – you can visit their website ‘here‘ to find your nearest location and if you’re in Worcester click ‘here‘ to go to the Worcester site which has all the information of the prices and the types of scans available. Prices range depending on the type of scan you want and the package you go for, so take a look and see what they’ve got to offer.

We were very lucky to get given our latest scan for free in return for our honest opinion of the service, but we paid for our first scans and would gladly do it all over again. It’s a wonderful service that I’d thoroughly recommend.

Pregnant at Christmas – how I was feeling this time last year!

I’ve been sorting through old files on my laptop and came across another post I wrote when I was pregnant last Christmas, that I wanted to share with the Mums-to-be out there. Just want you to know you’re not alone. xx

‘With just 8 weeks until Christmas and everyone talking about parties, outfits, new year and making plans for Christmas Day itself, it’s hit me how different this year is going to be and I’m finding it really hard to deal with.

‘If you read my ‘teetotal’ post you’ll know how hard I’m finding it to be around people drinking when I can’t drink and how much I’m missing all the foods I can’t have. Christmas is all about the things us pregnant folk can’t have! Suffice to say, I’m not much looking forward to the next two months and now it’s really getting to me.

‘Just to make it very clear, before I go on – I am extremely excited about becoming a Mummy, having our baby and everything it brings. I love feeling my baby moving around in my tummy and I feel incredibly proud to be the one creating our child. I am very happy to put my needs to one side until our baby is here safe and sound. And I know it’ll all be worth it in the end!

‘That doesn’t mean I have to enjoy missing out on all the things I love about this time of year and it doesn’t mean I can just go on as if nothing is wrong.

‘I really don’t like the winter, the cold or the dark nights. But I absolutely love Christmas and celebrating with my family and friends – it’s what gets me through such a low time of the year for me. I love going Christmas shopping, choosing the perfect gifts, getting outfits for Christmas parties and a special outfit for Christmas Day. I look forward to putting up our Christmas decorations, and usually have it done by the first weekend in November. I enjoy getting together with my different groups of friends and celebrating together with lots of wine and dancing until the early hours. I love going shopping with my Dad to pick up the alcohol and look forward to the different foods Mum makes for our dinner.

‘This year however, I’m not looking forward to any of that. I still haven’t snapped out of my tiredness, there’s still no sign of that pregnancy bloom and my PGP is getting worse as I get bigger – which means it hurts to sit down for long periods of time and standing also doesn’t help. So the thought of walking around busy shops, sitting in a restaurant watching everyone around me getting drunk, standing in a bar with a lemonade, and even being out in the cold fills me with nothing but dread.

‘I feel so left out and I don’t know what to do about it. I do know how stupid it sounds and how ridiculous it is. But I can’t shift it. Every time I think about it I end up in floods of tears. I get angry with my husband when he starts talking about going out for his work Christmas party and I feel like every one is rubbing it in my nose when they’re planning their evenings out, dinner and talk about anything to do with alcohol. Especially when it includes champagne and Sancerre! And I can’t stop thinking about how amazing last Christmas was. My husband and I spent  most weekends drinking mulled wine, eating baked Camembert and pate with fresh bread. Christmas dinner began with lobster and champagne and ended with more cheeses and port. We had lots of great nights out, and in, with our friends and had a brilliant time. This year I want to hide away from it all and I’m actually willing January to get here – for the first time ever! I can’t even over indulge with treats and pampering because I can’t afford it. Christmas is expensive enough let alone when you’re saving to go on maternity leave!’

I actually found it quite hard to read that. I remember how emotional I was at the time and how alone I felt, but it still made me cringe to think I actually felt like that. Those pregnancy hormones are just awful. Looking back, with hindsight on my side, I wish I could tell myself to chill out, enjoy not having a hang over and just make the most of all the things I could do. Because it’s over in such a short space of time and before you know it, it’s a year on and you’re about to enjoy your first Christmas as a Mum! Eeep! xx

Teetotal at Christmas

For all you Mamas-to-be pregnant over Christmas. I thought I’d share with you how I was feeling this time last year: 

You know when you can’t have something – you want it even more? Well that’s how I’m feeling about all the things I can’t have during pregnancy.

I’m not a big drinker, so I didn’t think it would bother me not to drink for a few months. The first half of 2011 was particularly busy with birthday’s, wedding’s and hen parties – including my own hen party and wedding – so when I first found out I was pregnant I was quite relieved I had a good excuse not to drink. But little did I know how hard it would be.

I’ve made the decision not to drink anything while I’m pregnant. There are too many mixed messages about whether or not it can harm your baby, so rather than stress about the ‘what ifs’ I’m staying well away. Which is absolutely fine – until I’m surrounded by lots of other people drinking. Not only does the smell get right up my, over sensitive, nostrils, but it makes me want a cold, crisp glass of wine more than anything (even more than chocolate!) – and I can think of nothing but!

Then there’s the food! My favourite foods just happen to be all the things I can’t have. Sushi, pate, brie, camembert… to name a few! It’s not until you can’t have this stuff that they become the only things you can see on a menu, or that you really fancy!

To make matters worse I’m usually in a zombie-trance, using match sticks to keep my eyes open. It doesn’t make me much of a dinner guest. To others I just seem like a miserable cow, who doesn’t want to be there. It appears, unless you’re going through the same thing at the same time it’s easy to forget and even easier not to understand.

To make it a bit easier on myself, and others, I’m avoiding evening socials, opting instead for lunch time meet ups to avoid the temptation – and disappointment! To be honest, the only place I really want to be is at home with my husband, or tucked up in bed.

It’s a small price to pay for what we get at the end of it! xx

Reading this brings back so many emotions. I remember this feeling like the end of the world and feeling so alone because no one seemed to understand. My best advice would be to talk about it. No matter how daft it seems, getting things out in the open and a hug can make all the difference. And I stand by my final sentence – it really was a small price to pay for the end result – and I wouldn’t change a thing! xx

PGP – A real pain in the arse!

Mid-way through my pregnancy I developed PGP (or SPD as it’s also known). I know a lot of people who have suffered with it too, so I wanted to share the post I wrote during my pregnancy. I hope it helps. xx

PGP – A real pain in the arse!

A month or so ago I started finding it really uncomfortable sitting at my office chair all day. My butt cheeks felt so painful I started sitting on cushions. But even that didn’t help. Then the pain started getting worse – almost like a trapped nerve especially when I was either sat down for a long time or had walked somewhere – so I went to the doctor.

After looking a bit puzzled, as I wasn’t showing the normal signs of pregnancy relating pains like sciatica, she referred me to a physiotherapist as she suspected I could have PGP (Pelvic Girdle Pain).

I’m told it’s something to do with the hormone ‘relaxin’ that relaxes your joints ready for labour. Apparently it’s working too well in me and hence the condition. (There’s obviously a lot more to it than that. But I’m no medical expert so I’m not going to try and explain and risk getting it wrong. If you’re in pain, go to your doctor!)

Last week, I went along to a PGP group! (I know!) It’s basically a physio group at the local hospital where pregnant women with PGP go for an initial consultation to establish the severity of the condition. First of all we all had to fill in a form, then we each went into a room to be checked over by the physio. They check something in your lower back to test to see how bad it is. All of us obviously weren’t severe as we then got taken into another room together where the physio talked through the condition and how to help reduce problems.

She gave us tips on how to keep it at bay. You need to avoid crossing or opening the pelvis, so everything you do needs to be mindful of this. i.e. sleeping with cushion between your legs (thank god for my Dream Genii pillow), not crossing your legs when sitting at a desk etc. You need to keep yourself aligned to avoid putting extra pressure on your pelvis. That also includes getting out of bed with your legs together, avoiding walking, lifting, sitting for too long, standing for too long, and get plenty of rest! (oh, OK then!)

At the moment mine is only painful if I walk too much and while I’m at work. So I just need to make sure I’m getting up and walking around regularly, but avoid walking too far!

For the time being the physio gave each of us a tubey grip (like a giant tube you use when you sprain your wrist), which goes over the whole bump and supports the pelvis. I wear that if I’ve got to walk and it’s there if it gets worse. But if it does get any worse, I’ve got to go back to the physio for further treatment. I’m hoping I’ll be able to avoid that though. I certainly get enough rest! xx

It didn’t get too severe for me. But it can be horrible, so definitely go get your doctor to check out any pains you’re getting because the sooner you get it checked the better. The longer you leave it the worse it can get. Those are your orders! 🙂 9 months after Miller was born and I’m still suffering with the pain from it too. I must go and get it checked out. (do as I say, not as I do!) God our bodies really do go through it!

Have you got any tips for PGP sufferers? Mine is only one case and I can imagine different conditions need different exercises? Please share and help other Mums-to-be. Thank you. xx

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