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Getting Through The First Trimester – with a few hacks


I was so lucky in my first pregnancy, I barely had any symptoms at all during the first trimester. So much so, I worried every day that I wasn’t even pregnant. (the scan was a massive relief!) (and it’s also why I had two private scans at Baby Bond before I was 12 weeks!) (you can read about that ‘here‘) So when ALL THE SYMPTOMS came with a vengeance this time around, I wasn’t prepared at all.

I’m pretty in tune with my body. I knew I was ovulating and I knew when I had conceived. I had implantation bleeding about 4 days after conception and then the symptoms just seemed to flood in.

First off my boobs! Wow! They looked incredible. I went up two cup sizes in the first two weeks of conceiving. But it was ‘look and don’t fucking touch or I’ll knock you out’ because they were so painful. All my bras hurt. They were rock hard and literally throbbing. Over the weeks it got worse and they got bigger. Until about 11 weeks when they finally settled down. They’re still painful to touch, at 13 weeks, but they’re not as bad. I’m still enjoying the ‘mini boob job’ look though. A serious consideration for after this pregnancy. Bra’s are a nightmare. I seem to change size every day and the bras do not last long. It’s going to be nipple stickers and letting them hang free in the summer months, i can tell.

Next came the hormones!!! Pregnancy rage is REAL! The two weeks before my period was due I was a savage beast. Everything and everyone pissed me off. Road rage went through the roof. My husband got it full throttle. It was like a mist of anger that would just take over my body and I had absolutely no control over it what so ever. There would be a raging outburst and then it would fade, I’d see sense and laugh hysterically about how terribly I’d behaved. I’m surprised I’ve still got a husband. And then it went from rage to being uncontrollably emotional. Bursting into tears over the slightest thing, being highly sensitive and feeling anxious about everything. I’m glad that one didn’t last too long. I didn’t have any of this last time.

The first few weeks weren’t that bad though. I was knackered, crampy and hormonal, but the sickness hadn’t kicked in yet and I was still eating all my usual food. When I got to about 6/7 weeks that’s when the nausea kicked in. I wasn’t being sick, I just felt sick from late morning and it got progressively worse as the day went on. To begin with it was manageable, but it got worse as the weeks went on and by 10 weeks I was retching at everything. I had days where I could barely move because I felt so sick. I didn’t want anything to eat, but knew I had to eat something to settle the sickness. But if I ate the wrong thing it would make me vomit. Knowing what the right thing to eat was a gamble every time. (I can’t even talk about the cheese and pickle sandwich without my stomach turning!) (I’m not sure I’ll ever eat pickle again!)

I like good, healthy food. My normal diet is fish, veg, fruit and a bit of poultry. Not during the first trimester though. Nope. I haven’t been able to stomach any of my favourite meals. I couldn’t even prepare them or think about preparing them without it turning my stomach. Instead, all I wanted was junk food. KFC, McDonalds, Pizza, fries and fizzy drinks. Fillet burger meals have been my saviour. All the while, my pregnancy apps are telling me how important nutrition is in pregnancy. haha! Well it’s a good job for pregnancy vitamins, because there has not been much nutrition in my diet so far. And anyone that knows me, knows how unlike me that is. I never eat MD’s or KFC (unless I’m drunk) and I’ve probably had more in the last 2 months than I have in the last 2 years. And, I never drink fizzy drinks, ever. Seriously, it was bad. On the not so bad days I grabbed every opportunity to get some goodness inside me. Juices, smoothies and avocados had a big role to play.

Other than that my saviour has been ready meals from Checketts of Ombersely, a local butcher and the Belle House in Pershore. They make fresh, ready meals, lasagne, cottage pie, pasta dishes, etc, which are absolutely delicious. It’s meant I can stock up my freezer and just stick it in the oven without having to prepare anything. It sounds ridiculous, but honestly most days I could barely get myself out of bed. So it was the only way I was able to make sure me and my boys got some good food every day.

The PGD (pelivic gurdle disfunction) I suffered with at the end of my first pregnancy has kicked in super early. I can only put it down to raging hormones making it bad. At 8 weeks I was back on the PDG physio group because of the pain. I was struggling to walk, laying on my left side was making it even worse and it seemed to be getting worse by the day. I finally got booked in for a one on one session at 13 weeks. I’m certainly not leaving it this time. I’m getting treatment before I have the problems of actual baby weight on my pelvis. I’m missing exercise so much. But there’s just no point making it worse. Hopefully the physio will help. Then I’m going to tackle the fitness again.

It’s not as bad as the poor women who end up hospitalised with sickness, I know, but it has been a bloody tough slog for me. Last time, I held down a full time job, didn’t tell anyone I was pregnant until I was about 15 weeks and barely had a symptom. Thank god I’ve got a supportive husband, wonderful family and friends that have looked after me, delivered meals and helped with Mills to get me through it. Always grateful to you all.

Luckily, I got to 12 weeks and have felt so much better. I don’t feel sick and my appetite is starting to expand again. I haven’t even had a KFC for a few weeks. Winning! And I’m back to making smoothies (thanks to this little hack). I’m feeling like myself again and now I’ve had my scan, I’m ready to get stuck right into this pregnancy.

The things that have been better this time around: Sharing this precious time with our little boy. He’s been so wonderful throughout the whole thing. I’ve been a completely rubbish Mama and he’s been so thoughtful and patient. He’s been asking for a baby for such a long time bless him, so I think he’s just so excited it’s finally happening he’ll happily take the crap that goes with it. I’m so excited about him being so involved. It makes it a whole lot more special that’s for sure.  All the symptoms have also helped me feel slightly more relaxed this time too. Feeling so sick and hormonal, I figured everything must be going in the right direction. And I even got treated to feeling some movement at 10 weeks. There’s a super wriggly baby in there.

It’s also been nice to have close friends to share our news with, so I haven’t had to go through any of this on my own. I barely told anyone last time. I was too scared I’d jinx it. So it was a pretty lonely time. It’s been completely different this time. It’s been lovely to have such a different experience. Although I could’ve done without the sickness!

How did you get through the first trimester? What did you find the hardest part to get through?

Tips for first time Mums – the things you might not think about before it’s too late

I don’t like to feel regret about things I haven’t done. When I do, I always remind myself that there was a reason I didn’t do ‘it’ and those reasons were right at the time. However, when it comes to having your first child, the fact that it’s your ‘first child’ makes it hard to know what you’ll regret not doing and good old hindsight is bound to come back and hit you in the arse when you look back and wish you’d done ‘it’. There are plenty of things that I wish I’d done in those very early days that I just didn’t think about doing, and I’m going to share that with you so you have the opportunity not to have the same regrets. But in actual fact, I feel like I well and truly made the most of those early days with Miller and my maternity leave. So I’m rounding all of that up and giving you my top tips on what to/not to do. I hope you find it useful.


As tempting as it is to write yourself a long ‘to do before the baby arrives’ list. Just don’t. If you are lucky enough to finish work a few weeks before the baby is due, please use your time wisely and do nothing! You might think ‘but I want to make the most of the time before the baby arrives’ and what I say to that is – you will be making the most of the time before baby arrives. Whether it’s treating yourself to some spa days, a pedicure, new hair cut, sleeping, napping and sleeping more, reading books, magazines, blogs whatever, just do it, read. All of those little things you never really make time for. You’ll make even less time for when the baby arrives, so enjoy it now. You’re never going to get the chance at a first time maternity leave again. If you do it again, you’ll have a toddler to look after, so please, make the most of this time, rip up the to do list and just do nothing. (apart from packing your labour bag!)


Yep, those first few weeks are pretty tough. Mainly because it’s all new territory and you don’t have the confidence to believe you’re doing the right thing for your baby. How many of us really know how to look after a new born baby when we first bring them home? I certainly didn’t. So don’t beat yourself up. Go with your gut, ask your midwife all the questions that pop into your head (write it down so you don’t forget) or ask a friend, family member or your health visitor. Don’t suffer in silence.

However hard or easy you find those first few weeks. They do not last. They will flash by in a blink of an eye and before you know it you’ve got an 18 month old running around causing havoc. So try and enjoy it. Take the time to just sit and hold your baby and sleep when your baby does as much as you can. Oh and don’t forget to laugh. We all make mistakes and feel crappy at some point in those early days (and even after that) it doesn’t mean you’re a bad mum or you’re doing anything wrong. It’s probably just those dam hormones playing tricks on your mind again. Either way, try not to take yourself too seriously. I promise you’ll look back and laugh at most things anyway, so you may as well have a good time now. And please don’t worry about the dam house work. Honestly, no one cares. Do what you have to do for your own sanity, but not because you’re worried what other people think. (here’s another post I wrote on this subject ‘here‘)


I was a total twat when it came to photos. I didn’t want photos of myself pregnant. And I barely have any of me with Miller in those early months or us as a family. All because I didn’t really like the way i looked. Get over yourself and get those photos taken, because you’ll regret it if you don’t. You don’t have to show anyone or display them on your wall. But you’ll want to have those precious moments captured.

Get someone to film baby in those early days. I bloody forgot to do that and it’s the one big thing I really do feel gutted about. I so wish I had a clip of Miller in those first few days all wrinkled up and squirmy. I definitely took a lot of photos though. In my opinion you can never have too many. Just make sure you print them off every few months too, or you’ll never get around to it.


It’s pretty much a guarantee that you’re going to have a few ‘up all night feeding sessions’ but they don’t have to be hard. I had all my favourite TV shows recorded and DVD’s stocked up and I just made myself comfortable on the sofa and stayed put for most of the first three weeks of Miller’s life. I was breastfeeding and he was permanently attached to me for those first few weeks. It was more comfortable to set up camp on my sofa than having to re arrange the bed every 5 minutes. So that’s what I did. I set myself up on the sofa with cushions, drink, snacks and a remote control. I slept when I needed to and day and night just kind of merged into one. But I don’t look back and cringe about it. I quite enjoyed it. It didn’t make any difference when I slept, as long as I slept. So making sure I had some entertainment when i couldn’t sleep, made it far more enjoyable.


If someone offers to help in any way – cleaning the house, cooking you a meal, bringing food over etc – just say yes. You don’t win any medals for taking on these extra things after having a baby, it doesn’t make you better than the Mum who sits on her bum and does nothing for those early weeks. In fact, I’d say she’s the one who has the right idea. Take full advantage of any offers of help so you can just concentrate on recovering from labour and enjoying cuddles with your new bundle. There ain’t no shame in asking for help.

The list could go on, but these are the few things that I didn’t really think about at the time, so I thought they might help you look back with fewer regrets. I’ve also  written a few other posts that might help prepare you for your new arrival: ‘hindsight‘, ‘what happens after labour‘ , ‘my labour story’ , ‘labour wish list‘ , ‘preparing for labour‘, ‘24/7 Mama‘ , ‘new born cuddles‘, and for when you’re sick of being pregnant ‘what I miss about being pregnant‘, and if you’ve just found out you’re pregnant ‘I’m pregnant now what?‘ might also help! I wrote these posts because I wanted to know all the details and be prepared (as much as possible, for what was to come) if you’d rather not know that much detail, then don’t read it. It’s each to their own on this one! 😉 xx

Mission2Mum Club – style evening with Keungzai

M2M Club Mamas were treated to an evening of style and glamour thanks to beautiful fashion label Keungzai.

For those that don’t know, Keungzai offer a collection of the most stunning clothes to cover pregnancy, post-birth and forever after. All the clothing in the collection has been designed specifically to give women a choice of modern, elegant items that can be worn throughout pregnancy and beyond, without compromising on style (or comfort for that matter!). There are some very clever designs to help you feel amazing whatever the occasion – from everyday casuals and office-wear, to the perfect wedding outfits. As well as glamorous dresses and beautiful underwear. There’s hidden panels to allow for growth of bump, as well as hiding a multitude of sins in the months following birth, and extra special details to make breastfeeding completely hassle free. The materials that have been used just scream luxury and make it all something you’ll want to wear again and again.

Keungzai M2MClub

keungzai m2mclub 8

keungzai m2mclub 10

keungzai m2mclub 12

keungzai m2mclub 15

keungzai m2mclub 16

keungzai m2mclub 18

I just love the fact nothing looks like a ‘maternity’ item. I wasn’t a fan of maternity clothes when I was pregnant. Instead, I opted for bigger sizes in the clothes I’d usually wear. All of which look frumpy and worn already. The beauty of Keungzai is that you invest in a few capsule pieces, which can be mixed and matched giving you a complete wardrobe whatever your body decides to do during and after pregnancy!

We even got a sneak peak into the spring/summer 2013 collection and I can tell you it is absolutely beautiful. I’ve got my eye on a green dress for the wedding season. (and no, I have no plans on being pregnant during any of it!)

keungzai m2m club 11During the evening Michelle gave us style tips, we tried on clothes, drank wine, chatted to other lovely Mums and ate wonderful food. (thank you Bindles!). I certainly enjoyed myself! (I even had the hang over to prove it the next day!)

keungzai m2mclub 13

keungzai m2mclub 7

keungzai m2mclub 17 b

keungzai m2mclub 3

keungzai m2mclub 5

I just had to show off the amazing panelling for breastfeeding Mamas – I’d had a few glasses of wine by this point! 😉

Photos were taken by lovely Mama Abbie, aka @kickassinpink – thank you so much Abbie. xx

What I miss about being pregnant

Because sometimes it just sucks being pregnant, especially towards the end, I thought I’d share with you pregnant ladies what I miss about being pregnant so you can take full advantage of it before your baby arrives.

I miss…

The Anticipation of What’s to come – I was a total control freak before I fell pregnant so, to start with, I hated the fact I hadn’t been through it before and didn’t know what was round the corner. But I learnt to love the surprises. Being pregnant for the first time is a once in a lifetime experience (obvs!) so embrace this amazing experience. I say that, but I now find it hard to remember what I had for breakfast so I have a feeling it’ll be a whole new experience the next time too!

The protection I gave my baby – the moment I found out I was pregnant I felt like I should be wrapping myself in bubble wrap to protect my growing baby. But actually floating around inside your Mummy’s tummy is the most protection we ever have – aren’t us women amazing!

Imagining my baby’s face – of course nothing compares to the moment you first meet your baby, but the anticipation of what he or she will look like is so exciting. Will they have your nose/hair/eyes or your partners annoying sense of humour and sensitive skin? (of course the bad stuff comes from your other half!)

My bump – at the time I found it a nuisance and for most of the time it was a pain in the arse, but I so miss those quiet moments at home just me and my bump. Ahhhh!

Getting away with everything – most of the time people don’t understand why you’re behaving the way you are, or how you feel but no matter how you behave everything is put down to being pregnant and therefore you get away with it. My husband was pretty lucky that my hormones weren’t too heavy but so many of my friends have told me hilarious stories of their erratic behaviour that has been over looked because they’re pregnant. So make the bloody most of it. You’ll get away with it for a few weeks after baby arrives, because it’s the same principle for women who have just had a baby, but then your opportunity is gone.

The attention – yeah I’ll admit it, I loved the attention. Phone calls from family and friends every day to see how you are, a husband who was attentive and asked ‘is there anything I can do to make it easier’ on a regular basis. What’s not to love about that. Enjoy!

Having an excuse to be really lazy – I could barely walk to the loo and back without being in pain so I took full advantage of that last month before Miller arrived. I did nothing but put my feet up, watched loads of CSI, Modern Family, Criminal Minds, Bones and Supernatural. I went for short walks (mainly to coffee shops for food!) And, most importantly, I slept. I couldn’t sleep for long periods because of my PGP and needing the loo every few minutes, but I would have naps throughout the day – oh do I miss those naps!

Cooking – I so miss having the time, and energy, for cooking. Particularly when I began my maternity leave, I took the time to buy local produce and cook a different, fresh meal every evening and my husband would come home to a lovely cooked meal after work – I think he misses that too!

Most of all, I miss feeling my baby kicking – isn’t it just the most amazing feeling in the world. Your own little baby, inside your tummy, wriggling around, kicking out, and having lots of floaty fun in the amazing home we make for them.

Of course there are plenty of things that I don’t miss and I’m sure it’s all I’d be thinking about if I was still pregnant, but having gone through pregnancy, labour, birth and the first 10 months of being a Mum those are the things I’m now looking back on in a ‘oh wasn’t it wonderful’ dreamy vision. And I’m sure that you will miss something of your pregnancy at some point too.

If you are pregnant and feeling tired, swollen and utterly fed up, I feel your pain but remember how amazing you are and what you’re about to achieve. Because it is pretty god dam amazing and you’re pretty god dam fabulous – swollen feet and all! xx

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