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MUMMY MONDAY – REAL MAMA – JEMMA from Mummas Health Hub

Good morning! Well, it’s been a little while hasn’t it. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you’ll know that we were surprised with a quick and early delivery of our baby girl at the end of September and it kinda turned our world upside down. We’re getting into the groove almost 6 weeks on, but it’s been a whirlwind. I’ll fill you in on the birth and our first weeks very soon. But first I wanted to get this fab Mummy Monday up for some Monday inspiration.

I’d like to welcome the absolutely gorgeous and inspiring Jemma from Mummas Health Hub. I’ve been following Jemma on Instagram for a while now and just love her positive, inspiring words and posts. She is also a really lovely lady and incredibly supportive of other Mama’s and their businesses. I’ve been introduced to so many new fab Mama’s thanks to Jemma’s shares.

She recently launched the Mummas Health Hub Pack of Hacks – a set of 21 postcards to help us busy Mama’s fit in exercise. Each card has a different exercise / fit tip on and they’re only £12.95! Who needs a gym when you have innovative Mama’s bringing the gym to your kitchen!


I have great pleasure in handing over to Jemma for this weeks Mummy Monday…

Jemma, founder of Mumma's Health Hub, photographed in London Fields, Hackney.

Jemma, founder of Mumma’s Health Hub, photographed in London Fields, Hackney.

Getting to know you

Name: Jemma Thomas

Where can we catch you on social: Instagarm @mummas_health_hub

Website: www.mummashealthhub.com

Business: Training and fitness

Mama to: Jude 5 and Buddy 10 months

What’s your wardrobe must have: Nicely fitting jeans and good work out gear.

Your perfect way to relax: Films and box sets, with no phone in sight to distract me as I’m terrible for double screening!

Currently reading/watching/listening to: Reading Jon Ronson ‘So You’ve been Publicly shamed,’ Watching –‘ The Night Of’ on Sky Atlantic, really addictive, Listening to Michael Kiwanuka

Proudest moment of your life: Has to be giving birth twice, sorry to be a cliché!

Words you live by: Just be nice

Your must have product: Tangle Teaser


Being a Mama

What do you love most about being a Mummy: I love listening to Jude and hearing him say funny things and asking really inquisitive questions. Also watching Buddy and Jude interact even though there’s 4.5 years between then is so cute! The brotherly love is def there already.

What could you do without: 4.50am starts!!

What 5 words best describe your birth story: I was in control throughout. (thanks to hypnobirthing day course with The Yes Mum !!)

What should every Mama have in the birthing room: Straws, ice, (I munched through cups of the stuff) nice calming essential oil, kit kats, oh and some music.

What got you through the first weeks with a new baby: Another cliché but my husband, family and friends. We got so much support and encouragement from everyone. The hard times were hard, but made easier knowing we could call on people to be there if we needed them. Also I froze a few nice meals, that helped too.


Funny things the boys do: Jude went through a stage of spelling out swear words, I couldn’t keep a straight face through him saying.. ‘I know how to spell shit – S-H-I-T.. ‘ he was so proud of himself!

Most embarrassing moment since becoming a Mum: Erm, I’m not sure I’m capable of being embarrassed anymore since giving birth twice and the various strange things you do when I labour, moo’ing, being naked in front of the whole room! Maybe just when Jude used to ask me really inappropriate things about people on trains, who were sat opposite us, ‘Mummy why does that man have a really big nose’ etc!

The one product you couldn’t live without now you’re a Mum: I really love coconut oil, it’s good for almost anything, I use Kokoso, it’s lovely to put on the baby after a bath.

How do you keep Jude and Buddy entertained: I ‘try’ to do funny voices to Buddy, that might keep him quiet for 5 minutes, and Jude loves being outside and making up games where we live in a secret den! So we find bushes in the park and pretend we live there, ha sounds weird I know!

How did you decide on the boy’s names: Jude was always a favourite and Buddy we just heard one day and both loved.

Where do you shop for your kids: Everywhere and anywhere really, online at cool little boutiques we’ve found through instagram, and also the Zara kids sale is great!

Best piece of advice you could give other Mamas: When you’re in a compete mess due to sleep deprivation or newborn settling issues (there are MANY!) Just remember it will pass and quickly, I promise. Oh and if you can get an hour to yourself, do something for you, go for a run, get your nails done.. it’s not selfish so don’t feel guilty.

Thank you so much Jemma. Loved sharing this insight into your world. You can buy Jemma’s exercise hack cards right ‘here‘. I’ll also be sharing more about these and my post baby exercise goals very soon. xx

Thanks also to the wonderful Emily Gray photography for these beaut pics of lovely Jemma. You can check out Emily’s pics on Insta @emilygrayphoto xx

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