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Charlotte Tilbury’s New Legendary Brows – my every day brow saviour


Charlotte T Leg Brows

I’ve become quite the fan of Ms Tilbury this year. With celeb endorsements coming far and wide, beautiful packaging and an endearing personality that makes her tutorials easy to watch, her product line is easy to fall in love with.

Having tried out a few of her products already I was excited to see the launch of her new Legendary Brow.


Over the last few years I’ve started to notice my eyebrows are fading. Drama! I’ve never over plucked, quite the opposite in fact, so I don’t understand why it’s happening. But I’ve gone from full, dark brows to patchy, barely there smudges. My hair is dark, so it’s very noticeable and it makes a huge difference to my face shape and make up look.

I started drawing them in with an eyebrow pencil a few years back, I’ve been using a gel that was meant to grow the hairs back – didn’t work – and I’ve tried various different brow products.

There are some great products on the market. Luckily it’s all about the brow right now, so I’ve got my pick. But not all make the cut and some are just too dam tricky to use for everyday, quick and easy use.

Enter Charlotte Tilbury’s New Legendary Brow. A sculpting and shading gel that goes on quick and easy for us ladies that don’t have hours to get ready in the mornings.



Perfect for my get up and go morning make up routine. The brush quickly darkens the hairs that are there and makes the whole brow look thicker. Getting rid of the patchiness. Yay! It gives enough coverage for an everyday look and when I want a more defined brow I use her Brow Lift and Shade pencil. Which I also love. It’s more like a crayon than a pencil, with a waxy finish and makes shaping and defining brows really easy. I like to go wow brow for nights out with a more subtle look for the day and these products are just perfect.

Check out the product line ‘here‘ each has its own tutorial so you can see how to do it. It’s so easy. Perfect first product if you’re just venturing into the brow game.

Happy Birthday to Me: Selfish Mother


It was my birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday to me! Having Mills’ birthday, my parents moving and a new nephew all within the same week meant it was quite uneventful. But the hubs did good with the treats and I have some fun nights out planned with friends next month to make up for the quietness!

I finally got a Selfish Mother ‘Mother’ sweatshirt. I’ve been hinting on Pinterest for a while now and he finally spotted it and delivered the goods on my birthday morning.

So far they have raised over £75k for charities like Women for Women International, The Refugee Council UK, KIDS and Help Refugees UK from the sales. It’s such a worthy cause to get behind and the tshirts and jumpers are absolutely gorgeous. I’ll definitely be buying more. You can buy yours right ‘here‘ and see the whole collection. There’s even a 24hr SM retreat you can snap up for £150 in April and July. I’m tempted.


My White Company addiction is yet to fade and my lovely parents treated me to some cashmere socks and the super fresh and zesty White Pompelmo candle. Oh my! It’s just what I love to smell at this time of year as the nights get lighter and the flowers start to bloom. I’m ready for some sunshine and this scent certainly helps to fill the gap while we wait for the temperatures to warm up.

I was thoroughly spoilt and got to spend some QT with my family, as well as having plenty of cuddles with my new nephew. He’s absolutely beautiful.

Next week I’m sneaking in a shopping trip to Birmingham with my Mum. We’re off to Selfridges to try out the new Charlotte Tilbury Magic foundation and to treat our skin to some lotions and potions. I’ll fill you in on the haul when I’m back. I may even pluck up the courage to do a little vlog. Eeek! I’ll be honest, the idea fills me with terror. But I’m all over facing fears this year.

So I turned 34. I got a new nephew, my parents moved out of our family home of 28 years and my baby is about to turn 4. It’s been quite the eventful month. I think it’s time we booked a holiday!

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