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Bump Bonding – getting to know baby before it arrives


How do you feel watching your bump grow, feeling your baby move inside your tummy? For me, this is my most favourite part of being pregnant. Without question. But I was talking to a friend the other day who didn’t get that natural bump bond. She found it strange to feel her baby wriggling around inside her and struggled to enjoy being pregnant.

Bump bonding doesn’t come naturally to everyone. But it started me thinking about how I bond with my growing baby and I thought I’d share with you some of the ways I connect with my bump during pregnancy.

Chitter Chatter

I talk a lot. I’m pretty sure I talk to myself when I’m not pregnant so talking to my baby doesn’t feel strange at all to me. I sit on my own, hold my tummy and talk to the baby. I ask it how it is and tell it how much I’m looking forward to meeting it. When you write it down, it does sound a bit odd. But for me, it’s part of being pregnant and what I love. A secret connection that only baby and I have for 9 months. And also a rare moment of not having someone answer me back.

Touchy Feely

I take good care of my bump and my night time routine is part of bump bonding. Massaging in coconut oil, stroking and giving a little prod to a kick, it’s all part of the communication with my unborn baby.

Breathe Deeply

I’m doing a Yoga class and Hypnobirthing class – both of which pay particular attention to bonding with baby. Giving visualisations and breathing techniques to help you bond with baby. I’m listening to affirmations and visualisations that help me to get into a deep relaxation, all the while thinking about my growing baby, birthing my baby and holding my baby in my arms. Visualising your baby’s arrival can really help you to picture that real baby inside your tummy.

Share The Love

Don’t keep those special movements to yourself. Get your partner and kids involved too. Miller is a bit bored of feeling baby kicks – unless it’s kicking his head of course – but I think it’s a really important part of bonding and helps the important people around you to bond with the baby. Other than the movement they don’t get to experience any other part of the pregnancy process, so let them in. I’m all up for sharing the love. I love feeling other people’s baby’s kicking inside their tummy so it’s all hands on tum for those special moments. However, I draw the line at strangers!

Take A Snap

With Mills I took photos every week from the moment I found out I was pregnant. Oh wasn’t it lovely to have that much time on my hands and I brain that actually worked. This time, I haven’t done that, but I’ve been taking plenty of snaps and capturing kicks on video too. I still love looking back at Miller’s bump. The thing I didn’t do when I was pregnant with Mills was to have pics of me, it was just bump. I regret that so this time I’m snapping myself too. In all my puffy pregnancy loveliness.

These might be a daily part of your pregnancy, but if you haven’t thought about talking to your baby yet, give it a go. It doesn’t mean you won’t bond with your baby when it arrives, but for me it makes the pregnancy journey so much more enjoyable.

How did you bond with your bump? Come on over to my Facebook page and share your pregnancy journey. I’d love to hear from you.

What I miss about being pregnant

Because sometimes it just sucks being pregnant, especially towards the end, I thought I’d share with you pregnant ladies what I miss about being pregnant so you can take full advantage of it before your baby arrives.

I miss…

The Anticipation of What’s to come – I was a total control freak before I fell pregnant so, to start with, I hated the fact I hadn’t been through it before and didn’t know what was round the corner. But I learnt to love the surprises. Being pregnant for the first time is a once in a lifetime experience (obvs!) so embrace this amazing experience. I say that, but I now find it hard to remember what I had for breakfast so I have a feeling it’ll be a whole new experience the next time too!

The protection I gave my baby – the moment I found out I was pregnant I felt like I should be wrapping myself in bubble wrap to protect my growing baby. But actually floating around inside your Mummy’s tummy is the most protection we ever have – aren’t us women amazing!

Imagining my baby’s face – of course nothing compares to the moment you first meet your baby, but the anticipation of what he or she will look like is so exciting. Will they have your nose/hair/eyes or your partners annoying sense of humour and sensitive skin? (of course the bad stuff comes from your other half!)

My bump – at the time I found it a nuisance and for most of the time it was a pain in the arse, but I so miss those quiet moments at home just me and my bump. Ahhhh!

Getting away with everything – most of the time people don’t understand why you’re behaving the way you are, or how you feel but no matter how you behave everything is put down to being pregnant and therefore you get away with it. My husband was pretty lucky that my hormones weren’t too heavy but so many of my friends have told me hilarious stories of their erratic behaviour that has been over looked because they’re pregnant. So make the bloody most of it. You’ll get away with it for a few weeks after baby arrives, because it’s the same principle for women who have just had a baby, but then your opportunity is gone.

The attention – yeah I’ll admit it, I loved the attention. Phone calls from family and friends every day to see how you are, a husband who was attentive and asked ‘is there anything I can do to make it easier’ on a regular basis. What’s not to love about that. Enjoy!

Having an excuse to be really lazy – I could barely walk to the loo and back without being in pain so I took full advantage of that last month before Miller arrived. I did nothing but put my feet up, watched loads of CSI, Modern Family, Criminal Minds, Bones and Supernatural. I went for short walks (mainly to coffee shops for food!) And, most importantly, I slept. I couldn’t sleep for long periods because of my PGP and needing the loo every few minutes, but I would have naps throughout the day – oh do I miss those naps!

Cooking – I so miss having the time, and energy, for cooking. Particularly when I began my maternity leave, I took the time to buy local produce and cook a different, fresh meal every evening and my husband would come home to a lovely cooked meal after work – I think he misses that too!

Most of all, I miss feeling my baby kicking – isn’t it just the most amazing feeling in the world. Your own little baby, inside your tummy, wriggling around, kicking out, and having lots of floaty fun in the amazing home we make for them.

Of course there are plenty of things that I don’t miss and I’m sure it’s all I’d be thinking about if I was still pregnant, but having gone through pregnancy, labour, birth and the first 10 months of being a Mum those are the things I’m now looking back on in a ‘oh wasn’t it wonderful’ dreamy vision. And I’m sure that you will miss something of your pregnancy at some point too.

If you are pregnant and feeling tired, swollen and utterly fed up, I feel your pain but remember how amazing you are and what you’re about to achieve. Because it is pretty god dam amazing and you’re pretty god dam fabulous – swollen feet and all! xx

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