Ah Monday again. Where does the weekend go? I hope you had a fabulous one.

This week’s Mummy Monday is someone I’ve been ‘social’ with for YEARS. Since we were planning our weddings in fact. It’s been a long time coming to get this lovely lady on Mummy Monday and I am so chuffed to have her and her gorgeous wee girl on today. Over to you Kirsty…



 Name: Kirsty 

Where can we catch you on social: Instagram kirsty.crofts or Twitter @MrsCrofts


Business: I still have dreams of owning my own cake or craft business…one day!

Mama to: Phoebe  7 1/2 months

What’s your wardrobe must have: Jeans

Your perfect way to relax: Hahaha, there’s not much time for relaxing these days but I do love a super hot bubble bath and candles

Currently reading / watching / listening to: I can’t remember when I last read something un-baby related, that’s bad isn’t it? Watching – GBBO Listening to – Absolute 80s is the radio of choice at the Crofts 

Proudest moment of your life: Cliche I know but giving birth to our daughter, I really worried I wouldn’t be able to do it!

Favourite quote: “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it” – Roald Dahl

Your must have product: Concealer for those bags under the eyes!!


What do you love most about being a Mummy: Being greeted with a huge grin when I go in to get Phoebe up in the morning and hearing her laugh, baby chuckles are the best noise ever…fact!

What could you do without: Teething!

What 5 words describe your birth story: Long, traumatic, scary, overwhelming, amazing!

What should every mama have in the birthing room: Lip balm, as absolutely awesome as gas & air is it really dries your lips out and a supportive birth partner. My husband was bloody amazing in there, I really couldn’t have done it without him.

What got you through the first few weeks with a new baby: Sleeping whenever we could, forget clocks/times/routines, just go with surviving! 😉

Funny things Phoebe does: Phoebe just babbles at the moment which is funny in itself but her favourite things to do at the moment are standing up against anything she can and shouting her head off or as soon as her nappy comes off for bath time she crawls off before you can catch her…that little bare bum disappearing along the landing keeps us amused!

– so lovely to have you on the blog Kirsty. Thank you. xx

After Birth Day Dreams – my post birth wish list


At 37 weeks pregnant, my mind has started wondering to the post-birth stage and all I can think about is all the things I’m looking forward to after the baby arrives. Forget about the baby snuggles (that’s a given) I’m talking Mama indulgence and a few day dreams thrown in for good measure:

Eggs Benedict – creamy hollandaise sauce, runny eggs dribbling down my chin. *droool*

GBK Camemburger

Prosecco (I’ve been stocking up on my favourite Aldi ‘minis’)

Baked Gooey Brie / Camembert, M&S Fig and Walnut bread and a sweet sticky chutney.

Prawns – big juicy King Prawns cooked in garlic butter

Sushi – a shit load of sushi!

Coffee – Starbucks Spiced Latte

Food is playing a big part of my daydreams. My appetite has been crap throughout the whole pregnancy. I don’t fancy any food. I’ll eat whatever’s in front of me, but I haven’t fancied anything. I am so looking forward to getting stuck into some flavoursome food.


Being able to get dressed, stand up, lay down, bend over, and move without the noises, aches and zombie-ness.

Seeing the toilet less than a hundred times a day

Actually fancying a food, rather than just eating because I’ve got to

Sleeping without pillows under every part of my body

Not having to move said pillows every time I have to get up to pee

Sleeping! I can guarantee I will sleep more when this baby arrives than I have since January. The night time peeing and hip pain has been unbearable and I am so over it.

No more Heartburn. From Water!!!

Drinking something other than water without it going straight through me

And the day dreaming has involved, a cleaner to keep my bed sheets fresh and the house spotless, daily deliveries of fresh fruit, veg and hearty meals. (Autumn Stews!)

Obviously none of the dreaming involves thinking about post-partum cramps, bloody, stale milk smells, puke, poo or crying. Leave me at peace in my day dream.

Pregnant ladies – what post-pregnancy day dreams are you having?


Good morning!

I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend?

Week one of big school went really smoothly. I’m just hoping as this goes lives the latest drop off has been as successful, with tiredness and a cold in the mix. We made sure we had a quiet weekend so we could all recover from the new routine. Gosh there’s a lot to think about now. But we’ll get used to it.

I’m 37 weeks pregnant today and nesting has well and truly kicked in. Sunday was spent sorting, chucking, and making space for baby’s arrival. I was brutal. It felt good.

I’m so happy to have the lovely Sophie from Mumology on this weeks Mummy Monday. I love her Insta feed of beautifully honest photos of family life with her wee boy Theo, her real life blog posts, full of information and advice from a real Mama and her hilarious YouTube channel. Over to you lovely lady…


Getting to know you

Name: Sophie

Where can we catch you on social: Twitter and Facebook @mumvlog and Instagram @mumology


Business: Mumology Ltd which is all things youtube and blogging!

Mama to: Theo who is nearly 3.. ahh where has the time gone!

What’s your wardrobe must have: Anything black… and loose! Why does everything sound like an innuendo when you’re a mum?

Your perfect way to relax: Either yoga or a large glass of Sauvignon.

Currently reading/watching/listening to: I’ve suddenly gained a new obsession in Audible, despite listening to someone read you a book being extremely creepy. I’m semi-attached to Grey’s Anatomy and anything trashy!

Proudest moment of your life: That’s difficult.. because I’m a mum we all have to say giving birth right? But alongside that setting up a channel and blog.. and registering as a business.

Words you live by: Everything great is wild and FREE.

Your must have product: coconut oil. It’s major squad goals.

sophie-momology-1Being a Mama

What do you love most about being a Mummy: Having another personality in the house, someone that says the most random things ever and responds irrationally to anything and everything. It’s the best!

What could you do without: Potty training. It’s beyond shit. No pun intended.

What 5 words best describe your birth story: hazy, frightening, shit (in more ways than one), empowering, invasive.

What should every Mama have in the birthing room: a birthing partner and realistic expectations. Hypnobirthing is not an active form of pain relief but it MAY work.. what I do know is it’s gonna hurt!

What got you through the first weeks with a new baby: white noise and the sound of running water!

Funny things Theo does: if you haven’t seen any of my vlogs yet you won’t realise how odd my child is. I couldn’t honestly pick one single thing as Theo is a serious oddball, but once I could hear him singing ‘my big winky’ behind the sofa. Looked and he had the magnified side of the mirror pointing downwards!

Most embarrassing moment since becoming a Mum: we’re potty training so there is still time for him to shit in places his shouldn’t. Other than future endeavours, I’m difficult to embarrass.

The one product you couldn’t live without now you’re a Mum: wine.. did I say gin? Oh some more wine. And hidden stashes of food because your child always wants everything you have.

How do you keep Theo entertained: we head out a lot, he climbs the walls at home so staying in is up there in worst decisions ever made.

How did you decide on Theo’s name: my mother-in-law suggested it and we loved it straight away. We have a ridiculous surname so had to come up with something short! No offence MIL.

Where do you shop for your kids: Tesco, Asda, Next. Love a good bargain! And Primark of course.

Best piece of advice you could give other Mamas: Relax and go with the flow. It’s never going to be how you imagined so best not to expect too much otherwise you’ll be disappointed. Enjoy every moment and find NICE mummy friends to share the moments with, not ones that will resent you because your kids eat veg or sleep through the night (just to be clear, they won’t)

Loved this Sophie. Thank you so much for taking part. xx

A Real Birth Story – Hypnobirthing with Hannah

I love hearing other people’s birth stories. I find it amazing how different each one is, for different people, but also for second, plus births. I never get bored of hearing about birth experiences.

As part of my preparation for giving birth, we went on a HypnoBirthing course with Hannah from Worcestershire Hypnobirthing. We have had the most wonderful experience preparing for the arrival of our second baby in October, thanks to Hannah. I want to talk about the course and how I’m preparing for birth in another post, but first I wanted to introduce you to Hannah and share her own HypnoBirthing experience with you.

This is Hannah’s second HypnoBirth to baby Joshua. You can also see her first birth with Jude on her website ‘here‘. Here’s Hannah’s birth story:



I’ll never forget going to bed on Tuesday 5th July.  I was absolutely exhausted after a few not so great nights sleep, coupled with entertaining my very energetic two year old son.  I’d said to my husband ‘Oh I hope I don’t go into labour tonight I’m just too shattered.’… Famous last words!

3am  …it was like the little monkey heard what I had been saying and thought ‘you might not be ready but I am!’  At this point I didn’t really know this was IT.  I had a little bit of backache but nothing any more exciting at this stage so I laid in bed and tried to drift off again.  By 3.30-4ish the backache was still there and I began to notice a little bit of pressure/tightening around my tummy.  When I went to the toilet I had a show followed by a pang of adrenaline/excitement and I knew instantly that little Baby Robson was on his way.  So I went back and woke up the hubby (Matt) who went straight into ‘Hypnobirthing Dad’ mode. It was so lovely to see him playing such a special role in the whole labour process, this is something that I’ve always loved about HypnoBirthing.  Within five minutes he had set up my relaxation playlist, lit the candles and was reciting affirmations whilst carrying out a bit of light touch massage during each surge.  It was a good start!

I continued to sit on my birthing ball and bounced for a bit whilst watching the sunrise out of the window.  It was just beautiful. The overwhelming tiredness I had felt just hours before had been replaced by an inner strength and confidence and I was so excited for this labour to progress.  By about 5am, my surges (contractions) were now coming every 4-5 minutes and lasting between 45secs – 1 minute.  I continued to focus on my breathing and just let my body relax.  My Mum and Sister turned up at around 5.30am and we sat and had a cuppa whilst I carried on breathing through each surge.  Matt was there right by my side and during every surge he continued to read out some really positive birthing affirmations.

At about 7am, the surges were now 3-4 minutes apart and lasting well over a minute so we decided to go for a walk in the little meadow in front of our house.  It was so lovely to be out in the fresh air.  I felt so calm, relaxed and at peace.  After about 30-40 minutes I could sense the intensity growing as each surge passed so we returned to the house and I took myself upstairs to listen to some relaxation scripts.  These were truly amazing and allowed me to get into a wonderfully deep state of relaxation which helped with every surge that came and went.  By this point it was about 8.30 and Matt decided to ring the Birth Centre to let them know we would be heading in shortly (although it was round about now that I declared to hubby that I was too relaxed to move and wanted to have our baby in the bedroom!) However, after much persuasion we did eventually leave for the birth centre much to my Mum’s satisfaction as she was growing concerned that she would have to deliver the little one herself!

We arrived at around 9.30am and were taken into the birthing suite. My sister and hubby were with me.  It was so perfect I burst into tears!!  I was so emotional and knew that baby was getting close.  I was hoping at this stage to get into the water but when I asked the midwife she explained that after she had felt my tummy she didn’t think I was in established labour as of yet (think because everything was quite calm and chilled out!) so she encouraged me to go for a walk and keep active and she would check on me in half and hour after her staff meeting.  I agreed even though in my gut I knew that I was definitely getting close!  So I carried on relaxing, breathing and listening to my affirmations.  I used the yoga positions that I had learnt and just let my body take over.  I then decided to take myself off to the toilet (not quite what I had envisaged when visualising my birth) but I knew this was a great position for moving baby down.  After about 10 minutes of sitting there my waters went and then almost instantly I could feel the baby coming down.  Luckily at this point the midwife came in and could see that our little one’s head was right there.  She then asked would I like to go into the water!  I laughed and said I don’t think I would make it and was quite happy where I was so we carried on and a couple of breaths later our little baby boy was born…..Joshua Peter Nicol Robson…weighing 6lb 14oz.  It was truly magical and I just burst into tears…again!

The whole experience was incredible and I still get goosebumps just thinking about it now.  This is the second time that I have used HypnoBirthing and I am eternally grateful for the experiences I have had.
Thank you for sharing your story with us Hannah. I had a constant smile across my face as I read every word. Beautiful!
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