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Getting Through The First Trimester – with a few hacks


I was so lucky in my first pregnancy, I barely had any symptoms at all during the first trimester. So much so, I worried every day that I wasn’t even pregnant. (the scan was a massive relief!) (and it’s also why I had two private scans at Baby Bond before I was 12 weeks!) (you can read about that ‘here‘) So when ALL THE SYMPTOMS came with a vengeance this time around, I wasn’t prepared at all.

I’m pretty in tune with my body. I knew I was ovulating and I knew when I had conceived. I had implantation bleeding about 4 days after conception and then the symptoms just seemed to flood in.

First off my boobs! Wow! They looked incredible. I went up two cup sizes in the first two weeks of conceiving. But it was ‘look and don’t fucking touch or I’ll knock you out’ because they were so painful. All my bras hurt. They were rock hard and literally throbbing. Over the weeks it got worse and they got bigger. Until about 11 weeks when they finally settled down. They’re still painful to touch, at 13 weeks, but they’re not as bad. I’m still enjoying the ‘mini boob job’ look though. A serious consideration for after this pregnancy. Bra’s are a nightmare. I seem to change size every day and the bras do not last long. It’s going to be nipple stickers and letting them hang free in the summer months, i can tell.

Next came the hormones!!! Pregnancy rage is REAL! The two weeks before my period was due I was a savage beast. Everything and everyone pissed me off. Road rage went through the roof. My husband got it full throttle. It was like a mist of anger that would just take over my body and I had absolutely no control over it what so ever. There would be a raging outburst and then it would fade, I’d see sense and laugh hysterically about how terribly I’d behaved. I’m surprised I’ve still got a husband. And then it went from rage to being uncontrollably emotional. Bursting into tears over the slightest thing, being highly sensitive and feeling anxious about everything. I’m glad that one didn’t last too long. I didn’t have any of this last time.

The first few weeks weren’t that bad though. I was knackered, crampy and hormonal, but the sickness hadn’t kicked in yet and I was still eating all my usual food. When I got to about 6/7 weeks that’s when the nausea kicked in. I wasn’t being sick, I just felt sick from late morning and it got progressively worse as the day went on. To begin with it was manageable, but it got worse as the weeks went on and by 10 weeks I was retching at everything. I had days where I could barely move because I felt so sick. I didn’t want anything to eat, but knew I had to eat something to settle the sickness. But if I ate the wrong thing it would make me vomit. Knowing what the right thing to eat was a gamble every time. (I can’t even talk about the cheese and pickle sandwich without my stomach turning!) (I’m not sure I’ll ever eat pickle again!)

I like good, healthy food. My normal diet is fish, veg, fruit and a bit of poultry. Not during the first trimester though. Nope. I haven’t been able to stomach any of my favourite meals. I couldn’t even prepare them or think about preparing them without it turning my stomach. Instead, all I wanted was junk food. KFC, McDonalds, Pizza, fries and fizzy drinks. Fillet burger meals have been my saviour. All the while, my pregnancy apps are telling me how important nutrition is in pregnancy. haha! Well it’s a good job for pregnancy vitamins, because there has not been much nutrition in my diet so far. And anyone that knows me, knows how unlike me that is. I never eat MD’s or KFC (unless I’m drunk) and I’ve probably had more in the last 2 months than I have in the last 2 years. And, I never drink fizzy drinks, ever. Seriously, it was bad. On the not so bad days I grabbed every opportunity to get some goodness inside me. Juices, smoothies and avocados had a big role to play.

Other than that my saviour has been ready meals from Checketts of Ombersely, a local butcher and the Belle House in Pershore. They make fresh, ready meals, lasagne, cottage pie, pasta dishes, etc, which are absolutely delicious. It’s meant I can stock up my freezer and just stick it in the oven without having to prepare anything. It sounds ridiculous, but honestly most days I could barely get myself out of bed. So it was the only way I was able to make sure me and my boys got some good food every day.

The PGD (pelivic gurdle disfunction) I suffered with at the end of my first pregnancy has kicked in super early. I can only put it down to raging hormones making it bad. At 8 weeks I was back on the PDG physio group because of the pain. I was struggling to walk, laying on my left side was making it even worse and it seemed to be getting worse by the day. I finally got booked in for a one on one session at 13 weeks. I’m certainly not leaving it this time. I’m getting treatment before I have the problems of actual baby weight on my pelvis. I’m missing exercise so much. But there’s just no point making it worse. Hopefully the physio will help. Then I’m going to tackle the fitness again.

It’s not as bad as the poor women who end up hospitalised with sickness, I know, but it has been a bloody tough slog for me. Last time, I held down a full time job, didn’t tell anyone I was pregnant until I was about 15 weeks and barely had a symptom. Thank god I’ve got a supportive husband, wonderful family and friends that have looked after me, delivered meals and helped with Mills to get me through it. Always grateful to you all.

Luckily, I got to 12 weeks and have felt so much better. I don’t feel sick and my appetite is starting to expand again. I haven’t even had a KFC for a few weeks. Winning! And I’m back to making smoothies (thanks to this little hack). I’m feeling like myself again and now I’ve had my scan, I’m ready to get stuck right into this pregnancy.

The things that have been better this time around: Sharing this precious time with our little boy. He’s been so wonderful throughout the whole thing. I’ve been a completely rubbish Mama and he’s been so thoughtful and patient. He’s been asking for a baby for such a long time bless him, so I think he’s just so excited it’s finally happening he’ll happily take the crap that goes with it. I’m so excited about him being so involved. It makes it a whole lot more special that’s for sure.  All the symptoms have also helped me feel slightly more relaxed this time too. Feeling so sick and hormonal, I figured everything must be going in the right direction. And I even got treated to feeling some movement at 10 weeks. There’s a super wriggly baby in there.

It’s also been nice to have close friends to share our news with, so I haven’t had to go through any of this on my own. I barely told anyone last time. I was too scared I’d jinx it. So it was a pretty lonely time. It’s been completely different this time. It’s been lovely to have such a different experience. Although I could’ve done without the sickness!

How did you get through the first trimester? What did you find the hardest part to get through?

Baby Number Two – arriving October 2016


So, we finally made the decision to have baby number two and I am absolutely over the moon.

I’ve been desperate to talk about it since we found out in January. But I wanted to wait until our 12 week scan to make sure everything was OK. And I’m happy to say, there is 1 little wriggler, all as it should be in my tummy.

I’m now 13 weeks. w/c 4th April. And baby is due mid-October. We are all pretty excited about our new addition.

Miller is buzzing about becoming a big brother. He’s been asking for a long time, watching all his friends become big brothers and sisters, and he’s finally getting the chance to watch his own Mummy’s tummy grow his own little brother or sister. (That’s happening a lot quicker this time around!)

I’ve felt like absolute shit for the first 12 weeks. Came as a bit of a shock to be so wiped out by pregnancy, as I barely had any symptoms last time. But this one has made itself known from the very beginning. Very happy to report, I’m feeling a lot better now and I’m even being treated to some very early feelings of movement. So much earlier than with Mills. And after the scan, I can see why. We had kicking, head stands, somersaults and it took the poor sonographer quite a while to get a good look at it. It just didn’t stop moving.

So, get set for a lot of pregnancy talk. It’s been a long time coming, so I’m really excited about it. I have a lot I want to talk about this time. Namely involving Mills in the whole thing and making sure he’s not left out. So I’ll be sharing all the things we’re doing to keep him involved. As well as all the shopping, the planning, and my pregnancy journey. I’m feeling totally different about this pregnancy and I’m really excited about finally putting into practice all the things I learnt when I was pregnant with Mills.

I’ll be on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook sharing photos and day to day chats – for all three the profile name is Mission2Mum. And, of course, I’ll be going Pin crazy over on Pinterest. There are so many amazing new brands, courses, products, ideas that I missed out on last time. And I can’t wait to get my teeth into all the baby-loveliness.

If you’re a Mama due in October, please come say hi so I can have a preggo buddy for the journey. xx

A home birth story

You’ve probably seen ‘my labour story’ – it was all pretty straight forward. I went to hospital one day and came home with my baby the next. But of course, every birth story is different so I want to share with you as many different stories as I can get hold of.

First, I’d like to welcome Jen to Mission2Mum. Jen is Mum to a very gorgeous little man, Archie, and had a home birth. I hadn’t even considered having a home birth. I didn’t think it was an option and didn’t think about looking in to it to find out more. But having read Jen’s story, I think I’ll seriously consider it for next time. Over to you Jen:

jen and archie.1

When I tell people that I gave birth to Archie at home the usual response is “Oh no, did you not get to the hospital in time?!” When I tell them that I had a planned home birth the response is mixed. Some people are really impressed. Some are horrified. Overall the response is “I think you’re really brave…but I wouldn’t do it myself”.

I wanted to write about my home birth because I had an overwhelmingly positive experience and I’d love for people to hear about it. I’m not especially hippy or alternative, which is sometimes the stereotype of home birth-ers. I’m just someone who thought about doing it following my very first booking appointment and decided “why not!”.

There has been some negative coverage in the media around home births. A lot of this followed a study that found there was an increased likelihood of complications for women having their first baby at home. Although the risk was statistically significant (almost three times higher), when I studied the research closer I found that it was still very low (36 women out of 4063). When I  read ‘complications’ alarm bells did initially  ring but actually these could be treatable problems and do not necessarily mean an emergency situation.

I felt that this slightly increased risk was balanced by research that found women who gave birth at home were less likely to need any major interventions or surgery. Apparently 9 out of 10 women had ‘normal’ deliveries at home compared with between 7 and 8 out of 10 in a midwifery unit and fewer than 6 out of 10 in an obstetric unit. Obviously you have to take into account that women birthing at home would have had very low-risk pregnancies while those in hospital may already have significant risk factors.

Another reason for choosing to give birth at home was my personal belief in the power of the mind. I felt that being in hospital would immediately ‘medicalise’ the process of labour for me. I really felt that if I was at home it would feel less medical, more natural, I would feel more in control and be less likely to need pain relief or medical intervention. I used hypnobirthing techniques to prepare for labour which I found invaluable.

Jen’s Labour Story

I went into labour a few days before my due date and began having contractions at 3am. I woke my husband up and we started to get really excited but by around 7am they stopped. I thought maybe it was just Braxton Hicks so I sent my husband off to work. By 4pm I was on the phone to him telling him to come home as contractions had kicked off again . One of the nicest things about planning to stay at home for the duration was that I didn’t have to worry about when to go into hospital. So I got in the bath and stayed there for about 2 hours. A midwife arrived at about 6pm and while she chatted to me my husband set up the birthing pool in our kitchen.

Now I am a passionate hypnobirthing advocate and would recommend it to anyone. However, there was a slight downside to it. Because I used the techniques and found them really helpful I was actually really calm throughout. Unfortunately this meant that my midwife didn’t think I was as far along as I was telling her I was. So when I told her I was going to start pushing she was the only midwife there (you need two when you actually give birth). She had to very quickly call out the emergency home birth team from the hospital to attend. They arrived about fifteen minutes before Archie did! Which was at 9.28pm, on our kitchen floor.

After he was born I held him for skin to skin, initially feeling shocked at how quickly it had all happened!

Then the midwives took him, checked him over and cleaned him up, all in our kitchen. Then my husband took him while they cleaned me up a little. They helped Archie and I to start breastfeeding while my husband made everyone a cup of tea. He then took Archie while I went upstairs to have a shower. I had a funny five minutes and started laughing (a little hysterically maybe as the midwife came in to check i hadn’t gone crackers) because it felt so weird to be standing in the shower with this strange, empty bump!

The midwives stayed for a couple of hours after Archie was born and at around 11pm it was just the three of us, in our bed!

To summarise my experience, here are what I felt were the pros and cons of having my baby at home…

The Cons

  • Pain relief is very limited.
  • We had Archie at night and suddenly being on our own at home with a baby at 11pm was pretty weird!
  • I didn’t care at the time but afterwards I did wonder what our neighbours made of the noises coming through their walls as they were watching Corrie!
  • Some people thought a home birth was a terrible idea. And told us that. Having someone suggest that you are putting your unborn child’s life at risk is fairly horrible.  Sure, it’s not for everyone but having your baby at home is not a decision many people make lightly.
  • Transferring to hospital, in an ambulance,  while in labour would have really, really sucked. It’s worth noting that research found that 45% of first-time mothers trying for a home birth transferred  to hospital. It drops to 10% for subsequent births.

The Pros

  • Not having to worry about when to go into hospital. You know you’re at home for the duration and you can just get settled there.
  • Having privacy, all your own things around you, being able to have a nice bath or shower in your own home, getting into your own bed afterwards really was amazing.
  • Knowing your pain relief options are limited meant that I didn’t even consider them and just went for it!
  • The midwives did a brilliant job cleaning up and when I came downstairs in the morning there was no sign of what had gone on the night before!
  • My husband was there the whole time and we didn’t have to worry about visiting hours. He had things to do during the whole process, like set up the birthing pool, make everyone tea so there was no standing round like a spare part at any point.
  • Although it would have sucked, I could have transferred to hospital (if I needed or chose to). Living in a big city meant that a hospital wasn’t too far away had I needed it at any point.

If anyone is interested in the study I’ve mentioned it’s called ‘Perinatal and maternal outcomes by planned place of birth for healthy women with low risk pregnancies: the Birthplace in England national prospective cohort study’. You can read more about the findings ‘here’.

I found this website really helpful as well , with loads of real life home birth stories and planning resources. ‘Home Birth’ 

I am definitely not saying home births are for everyone, but hopefully this might be interesting reading if you’re considering it.

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us Jen. It sounds like the perfect birth. Of course, it’s different for everyone so discuss the options with your midwife and doctor to find out more. 

If you would like to share your labour story with us, please get in touch by commenting below or emailing me. I’d love to hear from you. xx

Mission2Mum Club – style evening with Keungzai

M2M Club Mamas were treated to an evening of style and glamour thanks to beautiful fashion label Keungzai.

For those that don’t know, Keungzai offer a collection of the most stunning clothes to cover pregnancy, post-birth and forever after. All the clothing in the collection has been designed specifically to give women a choice of modern, elegant items that can be worn throughout pregnancy and beyond, without compromising on style (or comfort for that matter!). There are some very clever designs to help you feel amazing whatever the occasion – from everyday casuals and office-wear, to the perfect wedding outfits. As well as glamorous dresses and beautiful underwear. There’s hidden panels to allow for growth of bump, as well as hiding a multitude of sins in the months following birth, and extra special details to make breastfeeding completely hassle free. The materials that have been used just scream luxury and make it all something you’ll want to wear again and again.

Keungzai M2MClub

keungzai m2mclub 8

keungzai m2mclub 10

keungzai m2mclub 12

keungzai m2mclub 15

keungzai m2mclub 16

keungzai m2mclub 18

I just love the fact nothing looks like a ‘maternity’ item. I wasn’t a fan of maternity clothes when I was pregnant. Instead, I opted for bigger sizes in the clothes I’d usually wear. All of which look frumpy and worn already. The beauty of Keungzai is that you invest in a few capsule pieces, which can be mixed and matched giving you a complete wardrobe whatever your body decides to do during and after pregnancy!

We even got a sneak peak into the spring/summer 2013 collection and I can tell you it is absolutely beautiful. I’ve got my eye on a green dress for the wedding season. (and no, I have no plans on being pregnant during any of it!)

keungzai m2m club 11During the evening Michelle gave us style tips, we tried on clothes, drank wine, chatted to other lovely Mums and ate wonderful food. (thank you Bindles!). I certainly enjoyed myself! (I even had the hang over to prove it the next day!)

keungzai m2mclub 13

keungzai m2mclub 7

keungzai m2mclub 17 b

keungzai m2mclub 3

keungzai m2mclub 5

I just had to show off the amazing panelling for breastfeeding Mamas – I’d had a few glasses of wine by this point! 😉

Photos were taken by lovely Mama Abbie, aka @kickassinpink – thank you so much Abbie. xx

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