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Mission2Mum Loves: PennyClareMakes – 10% off for you


I love finding new independent shops and it’s even better when the Mama behind it has a model as cute as this one.

Clare is a Mama friend, met through another Mama friend, she’s a dance teacher at DanceFest, has three beautiful children and now runs PennyClareMakes with her own Mama. Which makes this venture all the more exciting in my opinion.


I first discovered PennyClareMakes last year and snapped up one of their Easy Tiger banners, which has filled a very blank space in my living room. And now, I’m super excited (with baby on the way!) that they’re doing beautiful blankets and the cutest clothing line. I asked Clare to come and tell us a bit about the line. But first another photo of her beautiful little lady modelling the gorgeous dungarees and panda blanket…

FullSizeRender (7)

Clare – Penny Clare Makes: 

‘Our inspiration comes from my kids and the things that I like for them. I love putting them in unisex clothes and I also love matching them. I always choose comfortable clothes so pick a lot of jersey. I really like my kids to wear something a bit different and love choosing clothes for them- clothes shopping for them is a bit of a hobby. Totally living through their wardrobes!

‘A  while ago mum bought an amazing Serger machine and we really wanted to put it to good use. Originally we wanted to make clothes from fabric printed with our own designs – this is really expensive though and also it’s very hard to get custom prints onto 100% cotton jersey. It was important to us to use cotton and not synthetic fabrics as I only buy cotton for my kids.

‘We are still looking into this though and are hoping to soon be able to make a small limited edition amount of the cotton (not jersey) dungarees in our tiger and panda design- this is expensive but exciting!

‘We decided that we would begin the clothing range with bought fabric and found a supplier with fabrics we love. All items are made to order.

‘We are so teeny tiny at the moment but would love to build the business a bit- lots of work to do then.’

Here’s a selection of the clothes you can find in the collection:

FullSizeRender (6)

FullSizeRender (5)

FullSizeRender (2)

FullSizeRender (3)

FullSizeRender (1)

Clare and Penny are very kindly giving Mission2Mum readers 10% of your order. Just use code MISSION2MUM at checkout. And don’t forget to share pics of your cuties in their PennyClareMakes outfits on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – search Mission2Mum – don’t forget to use hashtag #M2Mloves so we can see you. I will definitely be making the most of this offer.

Shop PennyClareMakes ‘here‘ and keep up to date with the latest products on their Facebook page and Instagram – just click on the links or search ‘PennyClareMakes’

Charlotte Tilbury’s New Legendary Brows – my every day brow saviour


Charlotte T Leg Brows

I’ve become quite the fan of Ms Tilbury this year. With celeb endorsements coming far and wide, beautiful packaging and an endearing personality that makes her tutorials easy to watch, her product line is easy to fall in love with.

Having tried out a few of her products already I was excited to see the launch of her new Legendary Brow.


Over the last few years I’ve started to notice my eyebrows are fading. Drama! I’ve never over plucked, quite the opposite in fact, so I don’t understand why it’s happening. But I’ve gone from full, dark brows to patchy, barely there smudges. My hair is dark, so it’s very noticeable and it makes a huge difference to my face shape and make up look.

I started drawing them in with an eyebrow pencil a few years back, I’ve been using a gel that was meant to grow the hairs back – didn’t work – and I’ve tried various different brow products.

There are some great products on the market. Luckily it’s all about the brow right now, so I’ve got my pick. But not all make the cut and some are just too dam tricky to use for everyday, quick and easy use.

Enter Charlotte Tilbury’s New Legendary Brow. A sculpting and shading gel that goes on quick and easy for us ladies that don’t have hours to get ready in the mornings.



Perfect for my get up and go morning make up routine. The brush quickly darkens the hairs that are there and makes the whole brow look thicker. Getting rid of the patchiness. Yay! It gives enough coverage for an everyday look and when I want a more defined brow I use her Brow Lift and Shade pencil. Which I also love. It’s more like a crayon than a pencil, with a waxy finish and makes shaping and defining brows really easy. I like to go wow brow for nights out with a more subtle look for the day and these products are just perfect.

Check out the product line ‘here‘ each has its own tutorial so you can see how to do it. It’s so easy. Perfect first product if you’re just venturing into the brow game.

My First Pregnancy Purchase – Tiba and Marl Elwood Backpack


I have been coveting the Tiba and Marl Elwood Back pack (and all of their bags) since they launched last year and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it once I fell pregnant.

I popped into Selfridges, Birmingham to check out the collection and decided which one I wanted. For me, it had to be the Elwood backpack! A super stylish, sleek and sexy backpack, with all the space and pockets you need in a baby changing bag. When their Easter promo came up, giving away a kids Elwood with purchases over £100, I snapped it up.

When I was pregnant with Mills there weren’t as many changing bags to choose from. Unless you wanted something embellished with animals and cutesy prints. Not my style at all. The one I had looked lovely, but when it came to it, it just wasn’t functional past those early baby days and certainly didn’t become a bag I wanted to use all the time. So when these two stylish Mama’s launched this beautiful collection I was – follow, like, pin – so happy.

They’ve got a bloody gorgeous new spring collection coming out soon, which looks lovely. I.MUST.NOT.BUY.ANYMORE!

Even my husband is excited about this purchase. Functional, as well as cute. Win. Win!

We couldn’t wait for baby to arrive to take it for its first outing. So it came out for our trip to Eastnor Castle on Bank Holiday Monday. It is a seriously fantastic bag. Big enough to fit everything in for a day out, with the handy pockets. Comfy straps made it easy for me to carry, whilst pregnant and even my Dad didn’t mind carrying it around for me.

It’s quite honestly so much more than a baby changing bag – it’s a forever bag. Before and after kids. I will be using it for weekends away, days out and so much more. But I do think I’m going to have to treat myself to one of the new Spring designs too. They’re just too lovely not to. I’m thinking a holdall that I can use for weekends away and the gym too! Now that’s definitely a good reason to invest.

On My Nightstand – Om Candles


My candle obsession is yet to falter and it isn’t helped when fab Mama’s launch their own collection of vegan soy wax candles for me to lust over!

Enter Om Candles, by Leicestershire based Mama Leah Spicer. I spotted the planning stages of these candles months ago on Leah’s instagram account and made sure I put my order in as soon as they went live.

Bedtime for me is a sacred time. I need my sleep and with a 4 year old who still picks and chooses whether to sleep through the night or wake us up every few hours, I have to make sure I make the most of any sleep I can get.

I have a rigid bedtime routine that involves detoxing after the day, creams and lotions, rest and down time. TV catch up with the husband and reading is also involved now we have longer evenings. (Woohoo to 7pm bedtimes) My phone is out of my hands by 8/9pm though. Meditation also plays an important part in getting a restful night.

My mind has a habit of wandering and getting restless when I don’t take care of myself and my bedtime routine helps me to switch off and limits the the amount of wandering.

On my nightstand now sits the Om Candles – Love and Rest – and they play an important part in this night time ritual. The combination of natural essential oils chosen specifically to endorse restfulness and calm, adds to the sanctity of my bedtime routine.

I also picked up a Mama candle for my sister in law who recently gave birth to my gorgeous nephew and another Love candle to welcome my parents into their new home last month.

How do you switch off at night? Or are you like my husband – head, pillow, zzzzz’s. I’d love to hear abouts your aids to a restful night, especially if you’ve struggled in the past. Come and chat with me and other Mama’s on my Facebook page ‘here‘ or search ‘Mission2Mum’.

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