Life Update – a week of five’s

It’s a busy time of year for us. Most of our family’s birthday’s are in the first three months of the year. So it’s been all parties and family get togethers so far. This week happens to be a special week for me and my boy. So I thought I’d do a quick life update:


I know, I know. Don’t look a day over 21 do I! But yes I am 35 tomorrow. It’s a bit shit having a Birthday on a Monday when your big baby has to go to school. But Mum always books all our birthday’s off school (whether you like it or not!) (haha!) So I’m meeting her for brunch then I’m taking full advantage having her around to have Marlie so I can have an hour to myself in the hairdressers. Can’t wait to get the mop chopped.

Oh how different birthday treats are these days hey. I’m so looking forward to that hour of peace and pampering and cake with my boys and baby girl when they all get home.


She’s bloody 5 months on Tuesday. It feels like it’s flown by, but I can’t imagine our lives without this beautiful bundle of happiness. She really does complete our family. She wakes up in the morning with a smile and doesn’t stop. As long as she’s getting your full attention of course. She’s bloody hard work, let me tell you. But I’m taking a very different approach to this baby malarky this time and I’m trying hard not to take any of it too seriously. We’re surviving. And that’s as good as it gets right now. I’m still feeding her myself. Something I didn’t think I’d be saying 5 months on. But it feels so good and so natural with her I’m no where near ready to give up our special bond yet.

She laughs at everything and loves watching us all running around her. Miller keeps her entertained. Her face lights up when he interacts with her. It’s pretty special.

I never knew I had so much love inside me. But I feel like her arrival has not only given me a new found love for her, but it’s tripled my love for Miller and Dave too. My family is my everything and I feel so very grateful for all three of them.


How is this happening? Miller is turning Five on Thursday. He’s a fully fledged primary schooler, going on high schooler, with an attitude to rival the fiercest 13 year old. Kevin ain’t got nothin on Mills. I don’t know where it comes from. Well, I do. I’ll blame his Dad. But I know it’s me! He’s fierce, he’s confident, he’s got a quick wit and the intelligence to out smart any adult. He’s flying through his first year of school with shining stars. I can’t believe how much he’s learnt. He reads books to us. Which is very special. The pride you see in him when he reads a new word is wonderful. A lovely new experience for us as parents. He’s also got a beautiful soul and I feel so incredibly lucky to get to watch him grow into this amazing person he’s becoming.

I feel sad that he’s going to school on his birthday. But he’s excited that he gets to take in sweets for his class mates. To celebrate his birthday he asked for a Disco so he can dance to Olly Murs with his family. And that’s what he’s got. He’s invited a couple of friends from his class too. But the family have been fully briefed to get their dancing shoes on. That’s Grandparents, aunties, uncles and the cousins. I hope they like Olly Murs.

I’ve been putting messages out on Instagram to try and get Olly Murs to send Mills a birthday message. It’s not going well. But I’ll keep trying until Thursday and see what happens. We’ve got him tickets to see him Live in the summer. I can’t wait to tell him. He’s going to be so excited. xx

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