After Birth Day Dreams – my post birth wish list


At 37 weeks pregnant, my mind has started wondering to the post-birth stage and all I can think about is all the things I’m looking forward to after the baby arrives. Forget about the baby snuggles (that’s a given) I’m talking Mama indulgence and a few day dreams thrown in for good measure:

Eggs Benedict – creamy hollandaise sauce, runny eggs dribbling down my chin. *droool*

GBK Camemburger

Prosecco (I’ve been stocking up on my favourite Aldi ‘minis’)

Baked Gooey Brie / Camembert, M&S Fig and Walnut bread and a sweet sticky chutney.

Prawns – big juicy King Prawns cooked in garlic butter

Sushi – a shit load of sushi!

Coffee – Starbucks Spiced Latte

Food is playing a big part of my daydreams. My appetite has been crap throughout the whole pregnancy. I don’t fancy any food. I’ll eat whatever’s in front of me, but I haven’t fancied anything. I am so looking forward to getting stuck into some flavoursome food.


Being able to get dressed, stand up, lay down, bend over, and move without the noises, aches and zombie-ness.

Seeing the toilet less than a hundred times a day

Actually fancying a food, rather than just eating because I’ve got to

Sleeping without pillows under every part of my body

Not having to move said pillows every time I have to get up to pee

Sleeping! I can guarantee I will sleep more when this baby arrives than I have since January. The night time peeing and hip pain has been unbearable and I am so over it.

No more Heartburn. From Water!!!

Drinking something other than water without it going straight through me

And the day dreaming has involved, a cleaner to keep my bed sheets fresh and the house spotless, daily deliveries of fresh fruit, veg and hearty meals. (Autumn Stews!)

Obviously none of the dreaming involves thinking about post-partum cramps, bloody, stale milk smells, puke, poo or crying. Leave me at peace in my day dream.

Pregnant ladies – what post-pregnancy day dreams are you having?

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