Happy Monday Mama’s!

It’s the big day for us today. When this goes live Mills will be at school and I will, no doubt, be a blubbering wreck. As the day has crept closer I’ve been getting very emotional. Ironing his uniform and labelling everything sent me over the edge today. He needs it. I need it. But oh boy am I going to miss my little toad.

Today will be all about Mama to take my mind off it. I’m heading for brunch and shopping with my Mama. Pampering and baby prep being the focus of the day.

I was so excited to get Mummy Monday back on the blog last week and it was lovely hearing from other real Mama’s wanting to get involved and chatting about real life as a Mother. Thank you for getting in touch.

Now, onto this week’s Real Mama:

I’m super excited to welcome the gorgeous Ashley from aMothersEdit onto the blog today for a super stylish Mummy Monday. I recently discovered Ashely’s insta feed and can’t get enough of her fashion-inspo, Mama life and all the prettiness. Her love of leopard print and denim got me hook, line and sinker. Over to you Ashley…


Getting to know you

Name: Ashley

Where can we catch you on social: @amothersedit


Mama to: Vivienne Rose


What’s your wardrobe must have: Anything denim – jeans, cut offs, levis skirt.

Your perfect way to relax: With plenty of wine

Currently reading/watching/listening to: Just finished watching Stranger Things, it was fantastic, and now we are working our way through Fargo series 2. Next up is the new series of Narcos

Proudest moment of your life: Everytime I watch Vivienne befriending someone in the park, she is so loving and caring of other children it makes me beam with pride.

Words you live by: Let go of the things you cannot control.

Your must have product: Aussie three minute miracle – without it my bleached mop would be a disaster!


Being a Mama

What do you love most about being a Mummy: the way she looks at me for all the answers. The responsibility I have for this little lady is pretty daunting but so special.

What could you do without: Tantrums!

What 5 words best describe your birth story: ‘I try to forget it’ – that’s five words right?!

What should every Mama have in the birthing room: A supportive birthing partner.

What got you through the first weeks with a new baby: Friends and family helping me with the little things- my mum popped over and cleaned the bathroom, friends brought home cooked meals to put in the freezer for us… and they knew when to leave too! Very important!

Funny things Vivienne does: Vivienne is still learning to talk so there are a lot of words that come out completely wrong. But the Frozen song – Let it Go – she has that down to a tee and will sing it very loudly in her cot at 6.30am.


How do you keep Vivienne entertained: Simple things are always the best… currently it’s a tub of water in the garden and she likes playing with her cars and little people jumping in and out.

How did you decide on her name: I wanted something you don’t hear very often and spent hours online looking at various websites. As soon as I read Vivienne I knew it was perfect. So feminine and elegant.

Where do you shop for your kids: I love Zara and Gap. And all her nursery clothes are from H&M – their basic collection is fantastic for tshirts and leggings.

Best piece of advice you could give other Mamas: We go through every aspect of life making our own decisions and learning as we go… suddenly we fall pregnant and loose our confidence. Listen to people’s advice, read the books etc but at the end of the day you have to trust your own instinct and do what feels right for you.

– thank you so much for taking part Ashley. xx

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