Teetotal Pregnancy – Sanpellegrino to the rescue


I don’t know about you, but not being able to drink is a big deal to me. The first trimester wasn’t too much of a slog because I felt too sick to think about drinking alcohol. Most days I felt like I’d been drinking tequila shots until 4am, so alcohol wasn’t on the cards. But now I’m in a lovely stage in the second trimester where I barely feel pregnant, apart from my growing bump, the sun has been shining and quite honestly a Sancerre or a nice bottle of Prosecco would go down a real treat.

I don’t touch alcohol when I’m pregnant. Not even a drop. I’m not standing on my pedestal here, it’s simply because if I had a drop I’d want more and that would just make the whole situation much worse. So I stay away.

Apart from the odd tipple, I mainly drink water, so during the day it’s no big deal and I’m not missing my occasional coffee either. But when you’re not drinking anything other than water – and you’re limited on what you can drink – water gets boring.


That’s where Sanpellegrino has been my saviour. I’ve had it a few times before and spotted it in our local butchers (Checketts of Ombersely – amazing place btw) it was an instant craving so I stocked up. And they’ve been my lovely bit of something different to keep me happy.

My favourite is the Blood Orange, but I’ve just discovered the Mint and Lemon. Oh my! Stick it in a martini glass and you’ve got yourself a fizzy Mojito! A total treat for the tastebuds and it keeps the alcohol craving at bay momentarily.

I thought Christmas was a tough time to be teetotal, but I feel like Summer is even worse. Or maybe, for me, it’s just any time. But hey, I’m sure the detox will do me good.

What was your tipple of choice during pregnancy? Come chat over on my Facebook page ‘mission2mum‘.

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