National Infertility Awareness Week – secondary infertility, Karen’s story – part 2

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading these posts for National Infertility Awareness Week. I know it’s not the normal kind of post you read on Mission2Mum, but with infertility issues affecting 1 in 6 couples I figured we could all be effected or know someone going through it. And hopefully the posts I’ve shared with you this week will help in someway.

I’d like to welcome back Karen for part two of her infertility story. Over to you Karen.


Hello again! You may have read about my infertility journey already this week on
Gemma’s fabulous blog, you might also have met my wonderful fertility
specialist Lucy who has been helping me over the last few months to
heal my mind, body and spirit to hopefully get myself ready for
another baby.

If you are familiar with my story then you’ll know that we have come
up against a brick wall with the NHS, in this country it doesn’t seem
that you are entitled to any help or support with secondary
infertility, unless you have a lot of money!

Earlier in the summer, when every one seemed to be having babies or
announcing their new pregnancy I was feeling very sorry for myself,
and very frustrated at the lack of help and support I was getting to
have another baby myself. I knew Lucy, my fertility specialist from
when I had my daughter. I had taken a hypno-birthing course and Lucy
was our teacher and antenatal specialist.

I wanted to take some control again over my fertility issues instead
of wallowing in helplessness and so I arranged my first appointment
and from there Lucy and I have worked together to compile and
implement and personalised plan to help me get my whole self ready and
finally achieve my dream of having another child.

So here are things I have been doing over the last 3 months to get
myself and my body ready to conceive…

Lucy has helped me look at my diet and recommended a dairy and gluten
free diet on the run up to the end of my cycle, about a week before my
period is due, this will help cleanse my body and keep a lid on my PMS
and I have to say in the last few months I have felt the effects
greatly reduce.

I have been drinking one cup of Green tea a day, with either lemon or
cranberry and Raspberry Leaf Tea when I have my period – I know some
people aren’t keen on the taste but I actually quite like it!

I have added some supplements to my usual ones too like Evening
Primrose Oil and Agnes Catus. It’s always advisable to speak to
someone like Lucy who specialises in holistic therapy or you can talk
to your GP about supplements too.

Each time I visit Lucy I have reflexology to help relax me and Lucy
pays special attention to the areas on my feet that corresponds with
my reproductive system, she also does hypnotherapy at the same time to
re-enforce what we talk about and help me to deal with any negative
feelings. I also have various meditation tracks that she has recorded
for me to listen to each day to help me focus more on my body,
relaxing and thinking about my behaviour and helping me to practice
being more mindful.

Lastly, Lucy and I have talked a lot about how stress and anxiety have
played it’s part on my fertility and ability to conceive again and we
have worked out a few plans to help me stay focused in my daily
routines. I have tried some new schedules to help work/life balance a
bit more, set aside dedicated time for me to listen to my mindful
meditation, as well as having time for me. I’m also using tools like to-do lists,
planners and diaries to think about how I mange my time and
organisation. These are all things that have helped me to feel more in
control and concentrate what is good for me.

I also spending a lot of time reading about infertility remedies and positive stories on these sites. Which I highly recommend:

Natural Fertility – this really is my go to site for
a lot of things
Be Mindful
Natural Therapy Pages – a meditation for fertility
The Fertile Body
Fertility Road 

I hope that by sharing some of the things I do to help me will help
others too. But please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any
questions. Karen. x

Thank you Karen. xx

If you want to read more articles in conjunction with National Infertility Week Talk Mum have some great posts that are well worth checking out. Like ‘dealing with fertility problems’ and ‘When it seems like everyone is pregnant apart from you’ – click ‘here‘ to have a read.

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