Mummy Monday – real Mum Lucy

Good morning! This week I’d like to welcome a lovely Mama and friend of mine (soon to be sister-in-law-in-law!), Lucy with her beautiful girl Evie.

me & evie

Getting to know you

Name: Lucy Dolphin

Occupation: Sales Support

Mummy to: Evelyn (evie)

What’s your wardrobe must have: Skinny jeans

What’s your perfect way to relax: Chilling on the sofa in my onesie catching up on my TV programmes

Currently watching: Hart of Dixie, Unforgettable, League of their own

Proudest moment of your life: Giving birth to my gorgeous little girl

Your ‘swear by’ product: Benefit under eye concealer!!

evie (1)

Being a Mum

What do you love most about being a Mummy: Every morning the beaming smiles I get from Evie when I walk into her bedroom and the big cuddles she is now giving me!

What could you do without: Tummy Bugs, Evie is just getting over her first one now! Yuk!!

In 5 words describe your labour story: Long, tiring, natural, emotional, amazing

What essential items should be taken into the labour room: Food for afterwards….god I was hungry!!

Top tips for getting through the first weeks with a new baby: Do what feels right and don’t feel pressured to do anything. Don’t worry about doing things such as cleaning etc, enjoy every minute of your new addition and most of all accept all help offered!

Funny things she does: Every time the Mickey Mouse ‘Hot Dog’ song comes on Evie stops what she’s doing to have a little dance!

The one product you couldn’t live without now you’re a Mum: My camera…. I have hundreds of photos of her already!! Don’t want to forget a minute of her growing up and learning new things

How do you keep her entertained: We sit and read together and play lots of hide & seek. We also go swimming twice a week which she loves! Right little water baby! We also meet up with friends and go on different days out.

How did you decide on on her name: It was my Grans name and both Lewis and I loved it

Where do you shop for Evie’s clothes: Primark, M&S, Next, Tesco & TK Maxx.

Thank you Luce. Totally agree with your essential products. My camera is always on me now. I’ve never taken so many photos. But they grow too quickly to risk missing a second.

Here are some more pictures of the beautiful Evie. How cute is she. xx

boo & evie pirate evie

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