Mummy Monday – real mum Rachel @peacockfeather

Good morning. Can you believe we’re half way through September already?

A very warm welcome to this weeks Mummy Monday, the lovely Rachel from ‘the little pip‘ blog…


Getting to know you

Name: Rachel

Twitter name: @peacockfeather

Occupation: solicitor turned legal marketing exec/blogger at The Little Pip

Mummy to: Pip, 17 months

Favourite outfit: I’ve just started back at work, so enjoying wearing something other than my “mummy uniform” of stripes and saltwater sandals/converse. I love clothes too much to pick just one outfit though; some of my favourite pieces are by my fashion designer sister in law (Teija Eilola), Cos and Hush. At the moment I am loving flashes of neon orange/coral in amongst my mainly grey and navy wardrobe.

Currently watching: We are not really a big TV watching family, but I do love my American teen films & series, so currently I am watching 90210.

Currently reading: I’ve just finished Tampa, by Alissa Nutting. I was intrigued by the reviews that praised the writing and construction and handling of the controversial subject matter; a Lolita for the 21st century, written by a woman about a woman. Sadly, I didn’t think the book really delivered; the opening few chapters were good, but the second half seemed rushed and unfinished and was ultimately unsatisfying in achieving what the writer says she set out to achieve. I’ve moved on to a book about women in the law, which is research for a project I am involved with, which is sadly also unsatisfying and far too dry.

Proudest moment in your life: qualifying as a solicitor

Favourite quote: “That money talks, I’ll not deny, I heard it once: it said, ‘goodbye” (Richard Armour) and “better drowned than duffers if not duffers won’t drown” (Arthur Ransome) (“Grab a chance and you won’t be sorry for a might have been” comes a close second – also Arthur Ransome)

Your ‘swear by’ product: Clarins Beauty Flash Balm and Chloe perfume

Being a Mum

What do you love most about being a Mummy: I like the fact I now feel deeply rooted to past and future generations of my family and that I feel I understand my own mother much better. I hugely enjoy seeing our daughter learning and developing and the direct impact of our input into her progress. Physically, I love the way that she puts her arms around my neck and although mostly now says no, with a shake of the head, when I ask for a kiss, as I put her to bed she now voluntarily kisses me goodnight. I am enormously looking forward to the day when she can talk.

What could you do without: broken sleep (although I shouldn’t complain, my husband is the one who mostly gets up) and the frustrations over communication.

Funny things Pip does: Pip has an uncanny ability to laugh or behave as if she understands even very adult jokes.

Words of wisdom for other Mummies: It gets better!

What 5 words best describe your labour story:  our baby girl arrived safely.

What essential items should be taken into the labour room: partner; a variety of liquids (I drank lots of iced tea and lucozade as well as water); luxurious toiletries for the first shower; hot water bottle (helped with pain of contractions); phone.

Top tips for getting through the first weeks with a new baby: do an online shop with 3 months worth of loo roll, kitchen towel, washing powder etc before your due date & make sure you have tea etc in stock since you will be having extra visitors and you probably won’t want to think about domestic organisation in the first couple of weeks; get out of the house as soon as you are able, for a walk, to a cafe etc. Get used to being out with the baby and buggy;

Most embarrassing moment since becoming a Mum: finding myself in tears in the loo of a cafe trying to change a nappy whilst the baby had other ideas. finally managing to clean up and emerge, still upset, for another mum to come over and comfort me. she meant well and I appreciated it, but I also felt embarrassed for crying over what was really not a huge moment.

The one product you couldn’t live without now you’re a Mum: baby wipes. they have an extraordinary large number of uses, often unrelated to the baby. I don’t know what we did before.

Something you didn’t know about yourself before becoming a Mum: I hadn’t realised how face to face I would come with my flaws.

How do you keep your children entertained: books, colouring, ‘helping mummy with housework’, learning about food (cooking and eating it)

Thank you so much Rachel. I really enjoyed reading this, love your views on becoming a Mother. And absolutely agree with the stocking up advice for new parents. Great tip! (think i need to write a post about that!) xx

Photo’s by Cara of Bird & Bear and Peonies & Polaroids.

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