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It’s the end of another week. How did that happen? Who cares, it’s Friday and it’s World Gin Day tomorrow, what better excuse to drink?

It’s been a while since my last ‘Friday Night Cocktails’, sorry about that. Time is just not on my side at the moment. Anyway, let’s get back to the drinking. This time I’m enjoying a tipple in honour of the lovely Charlotte from I’m Only Saying What You’re Thinking



Charlotte is the gorgeous Mama behind the blog ‘I’m Only Saying What You’re Thinking’. I ‘met’ Charlotte on Twitter during the very early days after Miller was born, whilst she was planning her daughter’s first birthday, and felt an instant connection. She gave me so much support through those early days and I’ll always be grateful for that. Whether it was words of encouragement, advice or a good bout of humour, she always seemed to know what to say. She’s also Mum to a very cute, cheeky and stylish two year old, Lillian.

WHY I LOVE ‘I’m only saying what you’re thinking

I love how incredibly honest Charlotte is about her feelings towards everything to do with Motherhood. She writes about it in an open, emotive and often humorous way. She doesn’t sugar coat the crap and I admire her for that. Us Mums need to know that we’re not alone and it’s not all cuddles and playtime. Her heartfelt, open letters to her beautiful daughter and her constant strive to be the best Mother she can be, so her daughter will be proud of her, is something that most Mother’s can relate to. She’s also a great source for cool products and fashion for Mamas and kids alike.


As it’s World Gin Day tomorrow, I think it’s only right to kick start the celebrations with a refreshing gin cocktail, don’t you. There are a lot to choose from, and of course we’d have to kick start the night with a g&t, but the cocktail I’m opting for is the Gordon’s Gin Bramble. How good does that look. (image at the top of post) Enjoy!

If you want to find out what ‘Friday Night Cocktails’ is all about, read the original post ‘here‘.

And you can follow Only Saying What You’re Thinking on Bloglovin ‘here‘ and Mission2Mum ‘here‘. xx

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