Tea and Toast

My week of loves, likes, laughs and general happenings… over tea and toast.

TIME Another week has gone. Come on time, flippin slow down a bit. I sound like a stuck record, but I genuinely can’t get over how quickly this year is going. Last year flew by in a flash, but this year is going by at light speed and I don’t like it one bit. I read ‘this post‘ on I Am Into This and can totally relate.

WATCHED The Great Gatsby at the cinema the other night. Not sure why the hell it had to be in 3D – what’s the point?  Uncomfortable glasses, feeling sick and getting a headache aside, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Didn’t know a thing about it before I went – it’s not my usual choice of movie or book for that matter – but I was pleasantly surprised. Even if it’s not your thing, the fashion and soundtrack are worth seeing it for alone.

LOVING ‘Ellen‘ and ‘Greg Karber‘s backlash on Abercrombie’s views on sizing. They need to get over themselves!

EATING We’ve had a lot to celebrate in the last few weeks and that included lunch out at one of our local restaurants The Old Rectifying House in Worcester. They don’t do a specific children’s menu, but they created this dish for Miller:


How good does that look? Homemade fish fingers, with a deliciously light batter, smoothest of smooth mash and a pea puree which was to die for. Children’s food as it should be!

PARENTING Love ‘this post‘ from Buzz Feed. Hats off parents, hats off!

BLOWN AWAY by ‘this post‘ on Lulastic – Lucy never fails to surprise and inspire me with her approach to raising her two girls. Go Mama!

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