Choosing a Private Scan – with BabyBond UltraSound Direct – keeping our first born included


When I was pregnant the first time I spent the first 12 weeks worrying constantly. I didn’t have any pregnancy symptoms, no bump to show and I couldn’t get my head around how I could be growing a healthy baby if I wasn’t suffering for it. The wait was too much for me, so I opted to have an early dating scan at 7 weeks at BabyBond. I could barely make out the little embryo’s heart beating, but it was all I needed to keep me going for a few more weeks before my 12 week scan.

At 11 weeks, I started to bleed. I was bleeding and I couldn’t get an emergency scan for another week. I couldn’t wait a week to know if something was wrong with my baby. So I booked another BabyBond scan. It was the first time I’d seen my baby kicking and wriggling around and the relief was just fantastic.

This time around I’ve felt so ill and had very early movement so I didn’t have the same worries as I did the first time around. However, I remembered from our scans at the hospital, how serious they can be and how clinical the environment is. I wanted Mills to be involved in every stage of the pregnancy, but I was worried about the environment of the NHS scan.

When we were pregnant with Mills the sonographer we had was very serious, didn’t give us much information and didn’t try to make the experience very special. I totally understand that they’re not there to make the parents feel good, they’re there to make sure that little fetus is developing as it should be. Great, I get it. However, when you have a 4 year old you want involved in the whole situation, you want them to feel at ease and excited about meeting their brother or sister for the first time.

So I got in touch with BabyBond again and booked us a scan so we could take Miller to meet the baby in a nice, calm and peaceful environment. When I told BabyBond about what I was doing, they very kindly gave me a free scan in return for my honest opinion of their services on here. So of course I snapped up their offer and we took Miller, and my parents, to see baby.

Our local BabyBond centre is at Barbourne Medical Centre in Worcester. On arrival we were greeted by Melissa, who talked us through the procedure, took some information and lead us into the scan room.

The room was cosy, warm and softly lit, with soothing music playing. She continued to talk us through what was going to happen and talked directly to Miller about what she was doing to Mummy’s tummy and what he was going to see on the screen.

Then came the jelly! Well, this has got to be worth paying privately for if nothing else. I clenched, waiting for the ice cold jelly to touch my tummy, but to my surprise it was warm! Warm gel on my tummy. Which felt rather lovely.

And then we got to see baby on the big screen in front of us. And Melissa talked us through what we were seeing, where the baby was laying, and what she was looking for. She gave us a sneak peak at a 4D view too. It was crazy seeing our little one like that. It had its hand up to its mouth and kept turning its back to us. It wouldn’t play ball, but after a quick toilet break, I came back and we got some wonderful photos of our little baby. It was a very special moment to share with Miller and the Grandparents. The first time my Dad has seen a scan IRL, so he was super chuffed he got to see it.

At the end we were presented with a series of photos in a little wallet, with all the size information and est DD, included. It’s a lovely keepsake and I’m so glad we have them for both Miller and this one.

Because we’d already had our 12 week scan by this point, and I’ve been feeling regular movement, we went into this scan completely relaxed and just excited to get to show Mills his little brother/sister. Which made it a lovely experience for us all to share together, without the clinical formalities getting in the way. And because it’s private, we got to share it with some of the family too, which isn’t possible at the hospital. On our letter for the 12 week scan we were asked not to bring any children and for only one other person to attend the visit with the Mother. Which, of course makes total sense for the environment and the information they have to get. You can’t have the whole family huddled in a small room getting in the way.

We loved the 4D scan so much, we’re thinking about going back at a later date to get it done properly. But we don’t want to know the sex, so we’ll need to make sure there’s no spoilers.

I would throughly recommend BabyBond UltraSound Direct for a private scan. Whether it’s because you’re a first time parent and just need the reassurance that you’ve given up the wine and runny eggs for a good reason, or you’ve got to wait until after 12 weeks for a scan. Or you’ve got older siblings that you want to share in the moment with. It’s a really lovely moment for you all to share. And the quality of the scan images is just fantastic. There’s no rushing you in and out so they make sure they get a good picture for you to take away.

We are keen to make sure that Mills is included in every stage of this pregnancy. I don’t want him left out at all. He’s 4 now and very aware of the effect Mummy being pregnant is having on us. He’s been amazing, but we have to keep explaining what’s happening so he’s aware of why there are changes and what it means for our family. He came along to the 16 week scan and heard the baby’s heartbeat and whenever we talk about the baby, we talk about it being our baby. Not Mummy’s or Daddy’s but all of ours. That we can all get excited about. Now I’ve got a bump and there’s lots of movement, it’s lovely to see him bonding with baby already.

Once we get closer to due date, I’ll get him to choose a coming home outfit for it and I’ll get him to help us set up it’s bed, and prepare its clothes etc. I’m sure we’ll have some issues to deal with, it’s not going to be easy for him to accept a new baby taking up so much of our time, the time he’s had all to himself for 4 and a half years, but we’re doing everything we can to make sure he’s involved where he can be and he’s not left out.

If you’re interested in a private scan with BabyBond – you can visit their website ‘here‘ to find your nearest location and if you’re in Worcester click ‘here‘ to go to the Worcester site which has all the information of the prices and the types of scans available. Prices range depending on the type of scan you want and the package you go for, so take a look and see what they’ve got to offer.

We were very lucky to get given our latest scan for free in return for our honest opinion of the service, but we paid for our first scans and would gladly do it all over again. It’s a wonderful service that I’d thoroughly recommend.

Teetotal Pregnancy – Sanpellegrino to the rescue


I don’t know about you, but not being able to drink is a big deal to me. The first trimester wasn’t too much of a slog because I felt too sick to think about drinking alcohol. Most days I felt like I’d been drinking tequila shots until 4am, so alcohol wasn’t on the cards. But now I’m in a lovely stage in the second trimester where I barely feel pregnant, apart from my growing bump, the sun has been shining and quite honestly a Sancerre or a nice bottle of Prosecco would go down a real treat.

I don’t touch alcohol when I’m pregnant. Not even a drop. I’m not standing on my pedestal here, it’s simply because if I had a drop I’d want more and that would just make the whole situation much worse. So I stay away.

Apart from the odd tipple, I mainly drink water, so during the day it’s no big deal and I’m not missing my occasional coffee either. But when you’re not drinking anything other than water – and you’re limited on what you can drink – water gets boring.


That’s where Sanpellegrino has been my saviour. I’ve had it a few times before and spotted it in our local butchers (Checketts of Ombersely – amazing place btw) it was an instant craving so I stocked up. And they’ve been my lovely bit of something different to keep me happy.

My favourite is the Blood Orange, but I’ve just discovered the Mint and Lemon. Oh my! Stick it in a martini glass and you’ve got yourself a fizzy Mojito! A total treat for the tastebuds and it keeps the alcohol craving at bay momentarily.

I thought Christmas was a tough time to be teetotal, but I feel like Summer is even worse. Or maybe, for me, it’s just any time. But hey, I’m sure the detox will do me good.

What was your tipple of choice during pregnancy? Come chat over on my Facebook page ‘mission2mum‘.

BOOKS WE LOVE: How To Speak Wookiee


Mills is turning into a bit of a Star Wars fan and does a mean impression of Chewbacca, apparently. (I know nothing about Star Wars, but it’s cute whatever it’s meant to be!) He spotted this How to Speak Wookie book in Persora, a lovely independent shop in a nearby town to us called Pershore, and sat on the floor in the store and went through pressing all the noisy buttons, laughing his head off then begged me to buy it for him. Of course I said yes!

It’s not a bedtime book, it creates far too much excitement for that, but he will sit in hysterics copying the noises as he goes through the book.

A must for any Star Wars fan.

My First Pregnancy Purchase – Tiba and Marl Elwood Backpack


I have been coveting the Tiba and Marl Elwood Back pack (and all of their bags) since they launched last year and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it once I fell pregnant.

I popped into Selfridges, Birmingham to check out the collection and decided which one I wanted. For me, it had to be the Elwood backpack! A super stylish, sleek and sexy backpack, with all the space and pockets you need in a baby changing bag. When their Easter promo came up, giving away a kids Elwood with purchases over £100, I snapped it up.

When I was pregnant with Mills there weren’t as many changing bags to choose from. Unless you wanted something embellished with animals and cutesy prints. Not my style at all. The one I had looked lovely, but when it came to it, it just wasn’t functional past those early baby days and certainly didn’t become a bag I wanted to use all the time. So when these two stylish Mama’s launched this beautiful collection I was – follow, like, pin – so happy.

They’ve got a bloody gorgeous new spring collection coming out soon, which looks lovely. I.MUST.NOT.BUY.ANYMORE!

Even my husband is excited about this purchase. Functional, as well as cute. Win. Win!

We couldn’t wait for baby to arrive to take it for its first outing. So it came out for our trip to Eastnor Castle on Bank Holiday Monday. It is a seriously fantastic bag. Big enough to fit everything in for a day out, with the handy pockets. Comfy straps made it easy for me to carry, whilst pregnant and even my Dad didn’t mind carrying it around for me.

It’s quite honestly so much more than a baby changing bag – it’s a forever bag. Before and after kids. I will be using it for weekends away, days out and so much more. But I do think I’m going to have to treat myself to one of the new Spring designs too. They’re just too lovely not to. I’m thinking a holdall that I can use for weekends away and the gym too! Now that’s definitely a good reason to invest.

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